VIDEO: China's Digital Natives and Their Preferences for Luxury Watches

    Baidu's study recently named Cartier as a leading brand among China's digital natives thanks to its newest ambassador, celebrity Lu Han.
    Baidu's Wan (Grace) Zhang shares which luxury watch brands are resonating best with China's millennial generation at Luxury Society's Keynote. (Courtesy Photo)
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    Millennials are becoming the predominant consumer purchasing group, according to an exclusive report by Baidu, which was recently presented to Luxury Society Keynote attendees. At the event, Wan (Grace) Zhang, general manager of Baidu in East China, shared her company's findings about the current state of China's post-90s generation (those born between 1990 and 2000), who are also referred to as China's digital natives for their close relationship with social media and e-commerce.

    Baidu's report covers which luxury brands are ranked highly by China's millennials consumers, and one such brand is Cartier, a top watch brand among China's digital native generation thanks to its newest ambassador, Lu Han, a well-known singer and actor.

    Watch the video below to discover more about this key audience for luxury brands, as well as which companies are doing the best job of reaching them:

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    A version of this post originally appeared on Luxury Society.

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