Valentino bets on the pink cult in China via food collaboration

    The Italian fashion house has partnered with Italian pasticceria Cova and gelato maker Venchi to launch exclusive desserts in China.
    The Pink PP-themed gelato will be available at Venchi’s 43 boutiques in China. Photo: Valentino
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    Valentino is promoting its iconic Pink PP color with a sweet twist. The maison has partnered with Cova — one of Italy's oldest pastry shops owned by LVMH — to roll out a Pink PP-themed afternoon tea set, which will be available from July 27 to August 27. The special offering is exclusively available at the Cova shop at Shanghai Plaza 66, where Valentino’s newly-opened boutique is located.

    As this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching, Valentino has also collaborated with Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer Venchi to launch a Pink PP-themed pitaya-flavored gelato, which will be available at Venchi’s 43 boutiques in China from August 4 to early September.

    Netizens’ Reaction#

    The campaign hashtag for the Valentino x Venchi collaboration, “Sweet V Collab,” has garnered over 162,000 views on Weibo. Thanks to the recent Barbie movie hype, Valentino's Pink PP is even more iconic and beloved by local consumers. As such, the two collabs have driven significant organic traffic on Chinese social media platforms.

    Cova's Pink PP-themed afternoon tea set is being exclusively offered at its Plaza 66 store in Shanghai. Photo: Cova
    Cova's Pink PP-themed afternoon tea set is being exclusively offered at its Plaza 66 store in Shanghai. Photo: Cova


    Just as Instagram has transformed food photography into a popular genre of online content, Xiaohongshu has put a spotlight on local restaurants. More importantly, restaurants top the list of categories Chinese consumers plan to spend on, according to a survey of Chinese consumers conducted in May by McKinsey’s ConsumerWise insights team, serving as an important vehicle for consumers to showcase their lifestyles and values.

    Though Valentino is not the first luxury name to collaborate with food and beverage labels, it is one of the few houses that has found a balance between maintaining its high-end image and maximizing its reach. Many brands typically opt to partner with trendy tea and coffee chains like Heytea and Manner to generate online buzz; however, the popularity of these co-branded drinks does not necessarily translate into new clients for the luxury houses.

    In Valentino’s case, Cova and Venchi are legacy brands with Italian roots and represent the country’s fine gourmet culture. Granted, their prices are relatively accessible compared to fine dining. By partnering with them, Valentino is able to strengthen its cultural relevance while releasing products that surprise and delight a wider range of consumers.

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