Trending in China: Zhou Dongyu's Lancome Lipstick Campaign Is Spreading Like Wildfire

    From Zhou Dongyu's lipstick campaign for Lancome to the Gap's WeChat collaboration, here are what Chinese consumers are buzzing about on social media today.
    Photo: Lancome/Weibo
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    Zhou Dongyu’s Lancome Lipstick Campaign#

    Zhou Dongyu, the young Chinese actress famous for her role in Zhang Yimou’s “Under the Hawthorn Tree,” is starring in the latest Lancome China campaign. The campaign posters of Zhou wearing the L’Absolu Rouge number 368 is spreading like wildfire on Weibo and lipstick lovers are all falling for it. Zhou rose to stardom when she was chosen by director Zhang Yimou to star in a leading role in his movie when she was only 18. The Lancome campaign also features stills of Zhou’s latest film “Shall I Compare You to a Spring Day” showing her wearing the same color lipstick. Do we have a brand ambassador in the making?
    Weibo Comment: “She looks so pretty and innocent in that photo.”

    Photo: Furla
    Photo: Furla

    “A Bag with a Thousand Faces” Video Trending in China#

    A new Furla bag campaign video is trending on Weibo today. The video, which is only 40 seconds long, features the latest Furla Spring/Summer Metropolis bag with removable flaps, making it fully customizable. The trend of bags with customizable flaps and straps might have slowly infiltrated the U.S. market, however, it is still relatively new to Chinese consumers. The video, named “a bag with a thousand faces” was posted by fashion blogger under the Weibo name ‘Style Match Diary’ as a recommendation for summer attire.
    Weibo Comment: “OMG, why did I buy so many bags before? I feel so stupid”

    Photo: OPPO/Weibo
    Photo: OPPO/Weibo

    New OPPO Phone Model Tries to Teach Men How to Take Good Pictures of Their Girlfriends#

    The Chinese domestic smartphone brand OPPO released a new video on Weibo to promote its latest smartphone model, the R11. The promotional video, with the hashtag “a boyfriend who knows photography” taps into the stereotype (or maybe the phenomenon) that most men can’t take good photos of their girlfriends. It details the new features the R11 offers including leveling sensor, 1:3 grid, and composition guide that will help the user take better portraits.
    Weibo Comment: “I can get the phone, that’s no problem. But where can I get a girlfriend?”

    Photo: Gap
    Photo: Gap

    WeChat Announces Collaboration with Gap#

    The most popular social media messaging APP WeChat is venturing into the fashion industry. WeChat announced today that it will collaborate with the U.S. clothing giant Gap for a line of t-shirts that incorporates many elements used in WeChat including QR codes, emojis, and speech bubbles in the designs.
    Weibo Comment: “The tees seem inexpensive. I’ll definitely check them out.”

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