Trending in China: NYT Partners With Chinese Media for Travel Mag

    People on social media in China are buzzing about Guerlain’s brand ambassador, Chinese film star Yang Yang, and the NYT's new Chinese travel mag.
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    New York Times Partners With Chinese Media Company to Release Chinese Travel Magazine#

    The New York Times has partnered with Huasheng Media, the Beijing-based media company that owns T China, for a new Chinese-language print publication called New York Times Travel. The bi-weekly periodical is set to release its first edition on August 10. Xuan Feng, the founder of Huasheng Media, who facilitated the collaboration and will be overseeing the upcoming magazine told that the magazine will focus on the cultural aspects of traveling, tapping into the increasing demand for global travel by Chinese consumers as they grow wealthier and more globally-aware.

    Rumor Over Guerlain Ambassador Yang Yang Debunked#

    Guerlain’s current brand ambassador, the Chinese film star Yang Yang, is doing a campaign for the beauty brand tied to his latest film, Once Upon a Time (which is currently the second highest draw at the box office in China). But a video purportedly giving a behind-the-scenes look at Yang during its filming, is trending on Weibo today because it seems to debunk a rumor that has been making the rounds that the national heartthrob uses a body-double to wear prosthetic masks cast of his face to do most of his acting. The video, which shows the film prop team making a cast of his head for special effects for one scene, will hopefully put those rumors to rest. Yang, who has also attended events for Saint Laurent, is one of the most well known of China’s “little fresh meat."

    Photo: Weibo
    Photo: Weibo

    Japan Invented Non-melting Ice Cream that Won’t Ruin Your Designer Clothes#

    Say bye bye to the purse-ruining drips of melting ice cream. A new Japanese non-melting ice cream is trending on Weibo today. Scientists in Kanazawa City officially released what could be any luxury-lovers’ summertime savior—an ice cream that can hold its shape under the 82°F sun for at least 10 minutes. The ice cream pops are currently in production and can be found in major cities in Japan.

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