Trending in China: Dalian Wanda Donates 10 Million to Earthquake Victims

    Today in China, people are buzzing about Wanda's donation to earthquake victims and Africa becoming the newest summer hotspot for Chinese travelers.
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    Wanda donates 10 million yuan to earthquake victims#

    On the evening of August 8, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck Sichuan province, killing 19 people and injuring over 247. China's troubled Dalian Wanda acted fast and made one of the biggest donations. On the morning of the next day, Wanda’s chairman Wang Jianlin decided to donate a total of 10 million yuan. Back in 2008, during the Great Sichuan Earthquake, Wanda was also the first company in China to make a donation. This time around, many people praised Jianlin on social media. “Boss Wang is the best!” said one. Another said, “A good model for all Chinese entrepreneurs!”

    A lot of tech giants are also offering their help in creative ways. Both JD and Alibaba opened charity channels on their respective e-commerce sites to encourage people to make donations. Tencent updated its Baidu map to facilitate navigation by rescue teams, and popular news aggregation site Toutiao launched a report-posting system to gather information about missing people.

    Shiseido sees 125.7-percent increase in the China market, year over year#

    Japan's biggest beauty group just revealed a surprising fact in their earnings report for the first half of 2017, released today. Though the brand experienced a big revenue fall, some 23.2 percent, China performed extremely well. It saw an increase of 125.7 percent. This was thanks to its high-end beauty brands CPB and IPSA, and increasing sales volume from e-commerce channels.

    Photo: VCG
    Photo: VCG

    Why aren't luxury brands knocking on actress Zhao Liying's door?#

    There's an odd kind of discussion happening on social media today involving the actress Zhao Liying and her ability to hold sway with luxury brands. Zhao, who has been in many blockbusters and hit television dramas is beloved by the Chinese. She's a self-made actress, who had a modest upbringing and worked her way up to become one of the highest payed actresses on Chinese TV. Though she has over 53 million fans on Weibo, this actress has landed no luxury brand ambassador gigs and her commercial value remains very low, according to the latest report on KOLs by consumer intelligence company Bomoda. According to the report, 80 percent of the content on her social media pages is about how her fans like her sweet public image and her down-to-earth personality. But that personal appeal somehow doesn't translate into the ability to drive product-related discussions.

    Chinese flock to Africa for summer coolness#

    People in China are experiencing the heat wave and jetting off to Africa as a result and urging their friends on social media to "go to Africa for summer." While we don't often think "cool" when contemplating Africa, these netizens are not joking. Currently, Africa is experiencing the coolest season of the year and according to a July report from the Chinese travel site Lv Mama, Kenya, South Africa, and Mauritius have become favorite summer spots for Chinese travelers where the traffic is three times more than it was during the same period last year. Relaxed visa conditions and the opening of direct flights to the continent are all factors contributing to the boost in Chinese travelers there. Considering Chinese travelers are the world’s biggest spenders, this news couldn't be any better for the African tourism industry.

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