Trending in China: High-End Lipstick Brands Explained with Sneakers

    Today, people in China are buzzing about the 'lipstick chart' for Chinese men and Wang Sicong being called 'too handsome' at a matchmaking event.
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    Lipstick Brands 101 for Men: A Fool-Proof chart on Weibo#

    A chart that gives "lipstick-blind" men a cheat-sheet on lipstick brands is trending on Weibo today. A Weibo account called “We Love Black Humor” posted a picture, ranking popular lipstick brands by price and value to consumers and showing its equivalent in the sneaker market. The chart comes in handy for sneaker-loving Chinese men who know zilch about lipstick but want to understand how valuable and desirable each one of these lipstick brands is to their girlfriends. And when it comes to gift-giving, they now have a good manual to follow. Among the brands on the chart, Maybelline corresponds to Anta, a domestic Chinese sportswear brand and Tom Ford is comparable to Air Jordans.

    Weibo Comment: “I’m doomed. I recognize neither the lipstick nor the sneaker brands.”

    Photo: Sina
    Photo: Sina

    Coastal Cities Have More Counterfeit Factories in China#

    Another report with a “counterfeit map” is breaking the internet in China today. The report provided a map with visualizations of counterfeit luxury merchandise factories, from data it claimed to have collected from consumer reports released by the government and other reports and papers published by Chinese universities. It found that the more economically prosperous provinces and cities along the Southeast coastline had the most counterfeit factories. Among the ones seized by the government, Apple, Michael Kors, Samsung, Nike and Louis Vuitton were said to be the five most-forged brands. Guangdong was also reported as the province with the largest counterfeit production.

    Weibo Comment: “I wanted to point out though, these counterfeits exist because the authentic products are wayyyyy overpriced.”

    Woman Gives 15,000 to Livestreaming Host to Stay Single#

    A female college student in China gifted 0.1 million yuan (14,764) worth of virtual currency to a livestreaming host of the online video game called King of Glory. The video game, which was developed by Tencent, is set on a multiplayer battlefield arena. In recent years as live-streaming has gained popularity, especially in the fashion and luxury industry, video game players also adopted this type of interaction platform. High-profile game players live-stream themselves while they play the game and viewers have the option of rewarding them by sending them a specific type of virtual currency. Prior to the gift, the woman is said to have expressed her affection for the host and asked him to stay single for the next five years.

    Weibo Comment: “The woman is crazy. However, I would dump my girlfriend for the money.”

    Photo: Wang Sicong/Weibo
    Photo: Wang Sicong/Weibo

    Wang Sicong Deemed “Too Handsome” by Elderly Man Looking for Son-in-Law#

    China’s “golden bachelor” Wang Sicong ran into a hiccup in the matchmaking game today. Sina entertainment shared a video, showing an elderly man who didn’t recognize the son of Wanda Group’s founder, Wang Jianlin, when he commented on his ‘matchmaking biodata.' “He’s too handsome,” said the man looking for his future son-in-law in a matchmaking event in Beijing. “He probably won’t be able to afford an apartment located within the 2nd ring zone (metro area).”

    Weibo Comment: “Wang Sicong should buy every single apartment within the 2nd ring zone tomorrow."

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