Trending in China: These Videos of Brand Ambassadors Reading Books Are Hugely Popular in China

    Today in China, people are buzzing about videos of brand ambassadors reading books and "husband resting rooms" in a high-end mall in Shanghai.
    Liu Yifei reading a part from Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle. Photo: Elle/Youku
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    Fans are wowed by a video of this Chinese brand ambassador reading an English book#

    Recently a video of actress Liu Yifei, the brand ambassador for Dior Prestige skincare, reading from Eckhart Tolle's 2003 book, Stillness Speaks, became an instant trending topic among the Chinese on social media. Many people have praised Yifei's English pronunciation, which has little or no Chinese accent. The video is a column produced by ELLE China, featuring celebrities like Yifei and heartthrob actor and singer Kris Wu reading books of English literature. All of the installments of the column have become immediate internet sensations. It's believed that Yifei and Wu honed their English through their travels abroad. In return, it's believed that this facility with the English language has been a key factor in attracting endorsements from prestigious luxury brands. Yifei is the brand ambassador for Dior Prestige skincare, and “little fresh meat” Kris Wu was chosen as Burberry’s global ambassador in 2016, becoming both the first non-British and the first Asian face for the brand.

    "Husband resting room" in high-end shopping malls in Shanghai.
    "Husband resting room" in high-end shopping malls in Shanghai.

    Shopping malls in Shanghai now have 'husband resting rooms'#

    The shopping mall is a dreamland for female customers in China. But a new addition to Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai could make the place a male heaven. Male customers can now lounge around on big leather chairs and play video games instead of aimlessly waiting for their partners while they shop. Retail consumption has reportedly increased 10 percent in the second quarter of 2017 in China, and male-catered services could attract more diverse spending. This new development could bring the mall one step closer to the “retailtainment” concept in China or it could just give the shoppers more time if their partners are content. “We noticed many men couldn’t bear the long shopping time that was enjoyed by their wife/girlfriends,” one mall staffer said about the intention for their creation.

    Liu Tao with HongKongness actress Hu Xinger. Photo: Liutao/Weibo
    Liu Tao with HongKongness actress Hu Xinger. Photo: Liutao/Weibo

    Chinese fans compliment this 'Ode to Joy' actress for her on-screen and off-screen popularity#

    Liu Tao, the actress from the hit television show Ode to Joy (China's 'Sex and City'), and popular KOL, is getting a lot of praise lately from fans on social media who have been complimenting her not only on her excellent acting skills, but also for her off-screen friendships with many celebrities. They dubbed her commonly-seen selfie pose (see above) the “throat-blocking photo shoot” because of how close she gets to her celebrity pals. But this kind of buzz may only help her positive public image, which is favored by luxury brands. The actress is a big fan of Italian luxury brand Brunello Cuccinelli, a brand that she displays her affection for by wearing its clothes on the show.

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