The Post-90s Generation Drive Luxury Hotel Sales on Chinese Valentine's Day

    Today on social media, Chinese consumers are talking about an online influence chart and post-90s spending habits in the run-up to Chinese Valentine's Day.
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    The Post-90s Generation Are the Main Consumers of Luxury Hotels on Chinese Valentine's Day#

    Chinese travel company Ctrip released a series of consumer behavior charts collected in the run-up to Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qi Xi. The findings, which are trending on Weibo today, show that in the weeks approaching Qi Xi, the dark horse in luxury consumption—the post-90s have contributed to nearly 50 percent of the 5-star hotel sales. Netizens on Weibo, many of whom claim to be among the post-90s age group, exploded with self-sabotaging jokes stating that they were too poor to even know what a 5-star hotel looks like and the consumer survey must have been done in a “parallel universe.”

    Comment from Weibo: “Guys, don’t forget you need a girlfriend before you can spend a night in a hotel room with said girlfriend.”

    Photo: Weibo Community
    Photo: Weibo Community

    Hunan TV's Weekly Top Online Influential Celebrity Chart#

    A chart of the most influential male celebrities online this week was released on Weibo Community by Hunan TV (one of the top television networks in China) and Weibo users are swooning over the fact that their favorite men of the “little fresh meat” variety made the list. The chart, which is published weekly by Hunan, ranked young male stars including Li Yifeng (brand ambassador of Tag Heuer) and Chen Weiting (brand ambassador of Chanel) from one to 10 based on their appearance in discussions, their retweet rate, and their follower counts, among other factors. Up-and-coming actor Lin Gengxin is in top place this week, followed by Yang Yang and Li Yifeng.

    Comment from Weibo: “I absolutely loved Li Yifeng’s performance in ‘Guilty of Mind.'”

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