Trending in China: LeEco Smartphone Out of Stock as Unpaid Suppliers Go on Strike

    Today on social media in China, people are buzzing about LeEco smartphones being out of stock and freak summer snowfall in Sichuan Province.
    LeEco CEO Jia Yueting. Photo: VCG.
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    LeEco Smartphone Out of Stock as Unpaid Suppliers Go on Strike#

    All of LeEco’s smartphones appear to be out of stock on its official Chinese website, as of Wednesday. The company told Caixin News that the phones were only “temporarily” out of stock, amid rumors that the company has issues with its supply chain and are halting production. Meanwhile in Shanghai, LeEco smartphone owners seem to be having problems getting their phone repaired. Outside the company’s headquarters in Beijing, third party suppliers and business partners of LeEco have been protesting since June for alleged unpaid bills. The company has not announced a timetable for reshipment of new phones and parts yet.

    Faraday Future to Postpone Constructing Nevada Factory Indefinitely#

    The electric car startup told Reuters that it would move its production site to a new location, abandoning the original plan of a $1 billion Las Vegas facility for the SUV FF 91 cars. The company’s key investor, Jia Yueting--also the owner of LeEco--announced the news on Weibo and apologized for the cash flow-induced hiccup in both companies. Originally pitched to compete with Tesla, the electric car company will hold a shareholders’ meeting in Shenzhen, China to discuss its future plans.

    Photo: Toutiao/Weibo
    Photo: Toutiao/Weibo

    Debate on Weibo: Braces is Better than Plastic Surgery#

    Netizens on Weibo are having a debate about whether those who want to look better should opt for teeth aligning instead of undergoing plastic surgery. Chinese fashion blogger Wen Niu Niu posted on Weibo today about how orthodontics, a practice not as far-reaching in China as it is in the United States is the new luxury in personal grooming. She listed before-and-after photos of celebrities including Zhao Wei, Maggie Cheung, Emma Watson, and Lindsay Lohan who have undergone the procedure. The post has generated 65,000 views and has received a lot of favors, where people have responded that orthodontics have actual health benefits and is definitely safer than “going under the knife”.

    Photo: Toutiao/Weibo
    Photo: Toutiao/Weibo

    Freak Snow in Sichuan Province#

    China has welcomed the ‘Dog Days’ of summer where a handful of provinces have an average temperature of above 90 degrees. The meteorological department of Sichuan province issued a heat alert to dozens of cities yesterday, but to everyone’s surprise, some parts of Sichuan had experienced a sudden snowfall. Residents of these areas have posted pictures of the snowfall on social media with captions such as “enjoying the natural refrigerator”. The posts were quickly trending on Weibo with netizens across the country posting envious comments about the unusually cool weather.

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