Trending in China: Gogoboi's 3-Month-Old Daughter Gets a WeChat Account

    From Gogoboi's daughter's Wechat to rumors about JD's merger with vipshop, here are the topics Chinese consumers are buzzing about on social media today.
    Photo: Gogoboi/VCG.
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    Three-Month Old “launches” WeChat Public Platform#

    Chinese Fashion KOL Ye Si, better known as Gogoboi, launched a social media account for his daughter who just turned three months old. Ye is one of the top fashion bloggers and key opinion leaders in China and has over 7 million followers on Weibo. The account, opened under his baby girl's name, Fei, features adorable pictures of the three-month-old and Ye, often accompanied by captions. One of them reads, “everyone listens to my daddy, but my daddy listens to me. That’s why people call me 'Boss Fei.'”
    Netizens have speculated that this move is also Ye’s attempt to gain a bigger share of the KOL market amid intense competition in the industry.

    Photo: Gogoboi/Weibo
    Photo: Gogoboi/Weibo

    Netizen Comment: “Such a gorgeous baby, I wonder who the mom is.”

    Photo: Weibo
    Photo: Weibo

    JD Denies Merger Rumor with Vipshop#

    Rumors about the Chinese e-commerce magnate Jingdong’s possible merger with another e-commerce company Vipshop has proven to be false. The merger rumor has been trending on Weibo and many allege that senior management at the two companies were negotiating and discussing the merger deal in secret. Both Vipshop and Jingdong’s spokespersons announced that there were no plans for any type of merger or acquisition and the vice president of Vipshop also took to WeChat to say, “Thanks to everyone for tuning in, but it was just a rumor."

    Netizen Comment: “Jingdong is doing so well, why would it merge with Vipshop?”

    Police Warn Citizens of the Top 10 Mobile Payment Tricks#

    While China is steadily transitioning to a cashless society, officials are worried about the potential danger posed by this convenient payment. Many local official police posted on their own official Weibo accounts about the top 10 tricks that thieves use to steal money and identities via mobile payment. Some of the tricks include claiming to offer coupons on the purchase after scanning the QR code, or fake traffic fines to lure people pay.

    Netizen comment: “I am not afraid, Alipay has a really good security system.”

    Ovation of the Seas. Photo: Weibo
    Ovation of the Seas. Photo: Weibo

    Cruising Becomes the New Family Vacation Style#

    Cruise conglomerates are taking advantage of Chinese demand for family friendly vacations. Ovation of the Seas, a cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean International, returned to Tian Jing, China in May, and prepared for a summer trip. “In the morning we will prepare congee, and there is seafood available for lunch and dinner,” said CEO Adam Goldstein. "Passengers can feel right at home.” There are also mandarin Chinese TV channels available on board.

    Netizen comment: “This is the best way to spend vacation with my family.”

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