Trending in China: 'Leaked' Beach Pictures of Zhang Zetian, the Face of JD Fashion

    Today in China, consumers are talking about Zhang Zetian's seaside getaway photos and Gogoboi's new appointment as Vidal Sassoon's brand ambassador.
    Photo: Weibo
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    Zhang Zetian's Beach Pics Are Taking Weibo by Storm#

    China's youngest female billionaire, Zhang Zetian, who is also the face of her husband’s e-commerce platform, is a trending subject on Weibo, again. Photos of her taken during what appears to be a seaside-getaway with her family were allegedly “leaked” by a fan of hers on Weibo. Netizens have chimed in pointing out that the man in the background of her photos is her husband Liu Qiangdong. Another Weibo account posted a selfie of Zhang and Liu together that was edited with a popular beauty app, in which Liu has used a bunny face filter. Interests in Zhang's personal life has risen recently because of the frequent news about JD and the fact that Zhang doesn’t post anything on her own Weibo account. It is also highly speculated that all of the “leaks” and “releases” of the photos of Zhang are staged publicity stunts made by her PR team to build a positive public image of her as JD becomes more involved in the world of high-end fashion and luxury.

    Netizen Comment: “Where’s their daughter? I want to see the cute little girl.”

    Photo: gogoboi/WeChat
    Photo: gogoboi/WeChat

    Gogoboi Becomes Vidal Sassoon's Brand Ambassador#

    Luxury brand KOL Gogoboi announced today that he has become the brand ambassador of hairdressing giant Vidal Sassoon. The famous Chinese fashion blogger made the announcement on his official WeChat account today, in a post with a catchy title “Yu Bo is going to do something big” (Yu Bo is his online nickname). His post seems to also serve as a response to critics who comment on his styles and credibility. Gogoboi shut haters down in his usual "savage" tone in the post by detailing his enviable experiences including walking the catwalk at Milan Fashion Week, meeting with Cate Blanchett during the Oscars, and going backstage at the Victoria’s Secret show.

    Netizen Comment: “You are my inspiration!”

    Photo: Weibo
    Photo: Weibo

    JD Under Fire after Consumer Complaints About Questionable Gucci Eyewear#

    A consumer from Beijing took to Weibo to complain about his experience shopping on’s official Gucci store. The consumer wrote in a rage-filled post last week that the sunglasses he bought from JD’s alleged official store is missing a letter on the logo of the brand name. Pictures he attached to the post show that the spelling on the arm of his sunglasses writes “Gucc” instead of “Gucci.” “Is this what I get for paying 1900 yuan (283)? How can JD claim that they don’t sell counterfeits?” he wrote. JD released a statement yesterday stating that the product is not counterfeit because it came directly from Kering Eyewear—the manufacturer owned by Gucci’s parent company Kering Group. Kering Group has had similar issues recently when another consumer found a pair of YSL sunglasses labeled both “made in China” and “made in Italy."

    Netizen Comment: “Either JD is selling counterfeits or Gucci has low-quality products. I’m interested to see who will win this PR war.”

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