Trending in China: Rising Film Star Zhou Dongyu's Viral VR Nike Video

    Today on social media, Chinese consumers are talking about actress Zhou Dongyu's Nike Commercial and a counterfeit Maserati.
    Photo: Weibo
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    Today on social media, Chinese consumers are talking about rising star Zhou Dongyu's viral Nike commercial and a counterfeit Maserati.

    Photo: Nike/Weibo
    Photo: Nike/Weibo

    Nike Released New 360 VR Commercial Starring Zhou Dongyu#

    In a great example of a brand being creative with the power of young celebrity, Nike released a new 360 virtual reality campaign video on Weibo today starring the up-and-coming actress Zhou Dongyu. This is the second time this month that Zhou has appeared in a commercial for a major luxury brand—her Lancome lipstick advertisement spread like wildfire on social media and inspired Chinese consumers to scramble for #368 lipstick. The video details Zhou’s metamorphosis from a young gymnast to a famous actress who's acted in a leading role in a Zhang Yimou film, an opportunity that is considered the highest honor in China’s film industry. (Both Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi rose to fame after starring in Zhang’s movies). Zhou is the first Chinese actress to be featured in a Nike virtual reality video.

    Netizen Comment: “Can I marry her already?”

    Photo: Maserati
    Photo: Maserati

    Maserati Owner Found Fake Version of His Car with the Same License and Registration#

    In a bit of China counterfeit news, the owner of a luxury Maserati car in Shanghai could not believe his eyes on Thursday when he came out of a store to find two almost identical cars parked on the street where he left his car. The two Maseratis were of the same model and, more importantly, had the same license plate number. The police were called and they were equally puzzled to find that both cars had the same Vehicle Identification Number and the same registration documents. It took law enforcement several thorough searches to find that one of the cars had patches of paint done unprofessionally on the bottom of the body. It also had fake plates. The owner of the Maserati with the fake plate told the police that he paid only 35,000 yuan (5,193) for the car from a second-hand site online because the seller disappeared and never came back to collect the rest of the payment. Police speculated that the “fake” Maserati was from the black market and could not be legally registered in China.

    Netizen Comment: “It’s a coincidence for these two cars to meet. Such a small world!”

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