Trending in China: Angelababy's Throwback Looks in Founding of an Army

    From the star-packed cast of China's patriotic new film to Mr. Bags's 3 million followers, here's what Chinese consumers are buzzing about on social media.
    Photo: Elle/Weibo
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    Yang Mi and Angelababy's Throwback Looks in Founding of an Army#

    The Chinese patriotic movie “Founding of an Army” recently released a handful of stills featuring probably one of the most famous casts in the history of Chinese cinema (a number of whom are likewise famous as brand ambassadors like Dior's Angelababy.) The film stars many national favorites such as Ma Tianyu, and Li Yifeng, as well as internationally renowned actors including Lu Han, Zhou Dongyu, Yang Mi, and Angelababy. Elle China compiled a series of photos of famous Chinese actresses in “Qi Pao”—the 1920s’ style on Weibo, many of them ambassadors of luxury brands. The compilation includes Yang Mi, ambassador of Estee Lauder, Zhou Dongyu, Lancome’s latest China campaign face, and Bulgari’s muse Shu Qi. The post invites people to select the actress they think fit the vintage style best. Netizens seemed to enjoy the discussion and the controversy swirling around the film (fans were angered that so many stars would join in what is deemed another pro-establishment addition to China's "main melody cinema").

    Weibo Comment: “Angelababy is stunning, but I don’t think ‘Qi Pao’ suits her.”

    Photo: Mr Bags/Weibo
    Photo: Mr Bags/Weibo

    Mr. Bags Celebrates Reaching 3 Million Followers on Weibo#

    Popular Chinese fashion blogger Mr. Bags posted an animated video on Weibo today in celebration of his followers reaching 3 million. In the slow-paced eleven-minute video, Tao Liang, aka Mr. Bags told the story of his life through small anecdotes from inside the swaddle to a fashion-loving teen, to a college student at the University of Southern California, to his move to New York City. The Beijing native has done exclusive interviews with us, most recently related to his collaboration with Tod's, in which he discussed his rise to fame in the luxury industry. On his Weibo celebration post, he thanked his followers and vowed to bring more content to his site for his fans.

    Weibo Comment: “Hey Mr.Bags, you should send us free purses to celebrate.”

    Photo: Darry Ring
    Photo: Darry Ring

    Hong Kong Actor's Gift of a "Darry Ring" Diamond Ring#

    Hong Kong actor and singer Eric Suen married his girlfriend of nine years, Macy Chan, this past weekend and fans were astounded by the diamond ring he gave Chan worth 5 million Hong Kong Dollars (640,042). The brand he picked, Darry Ring (DR), is a Chinese company that specializes in wedding bands and engagement rings and has gained popularity in China in recent years because of its unique hook (or bizarre one, depending on what your view on the matter is). It has a “one ring per lifetime” policy for men purchasing engagement rings, which is aimed at taking advantage of Chinese culture's denunciation of divorce. Notably, Darry Ring made the most of the situation and put up a post about Suen's HK5-million gift on its blog. The gimmick has paid off, at least in terms of attention.

    Weibo Comment: “I want a DR engagement ring as well.”

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