The Top 3 Luxury Fashion Campaigns on WeChat Last Week

    The editors of Jing Daily choose their top 3 favorite articles on WeChat last week, which include campaigns from Tod's, Valentino and Gucci.
    Tod's x Mr. Bags. Image via Mr. Bags's official WeChat account.
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    The editors of Jing Daily gathered last week's most-read luxury and premium fashion articles and campaigns on WeChat using the monitoring software Curio Eye. From the top 20 posts that garnered 10,000 or more pageviews, we hand selected three based on their creativity, originality and level of reader engagement.

    Here are our choices and takeaways for each campaign:

    1. Tod's Collaborates with KOL and Handbag Guru Mr. Bags#

    Pageviews: 10,058#

    Likes: 163#

    This is not the first time Mr. Bags has designed for a luxury brand, but the collaborative campaign that the KOL and handbag aficionado is doing with Tod's has taken advantage of Mr. Bags's known love of detail combined with his informative style. The result is both an attractive and persuasive call to consumers.

    In a short video, the post takes you behind the scenes to witness the process of making a handbag. It covers the basic steps, from selecting the leather, choosing the color, and reviewing sketches. Chinese actress Liu Shishi and musician Ou Yang Nana posed in the campaign for the special edition.

    For the final touch, Mr. Bags gives a custom-designed dust bag and box and adds an accessory to bring buyers good luck: a pair of small dice.

    There's a call to action at the bottom of the page to encourage consumers to purchase the bag. All three bags are priced at 16800RMB (about USD2466), which is a bit higher than the selling price for the basic Tod’s style bag in mainland China, according to Mr. Bags's WeChat account. The post, which was published on June 26, offered 200 bags. All of them were sold out the next day.


    The secret sauce? Leverage a KOL to educate and empower your consumers. Consumers are more mature than ever. They get satisfaction from a good investment when they know the work and quality that goes into the product.

    Behind the scenes of a Valentino campaign. Image via Valentino's official Weibo account.
    Behind the scenes of a Valentino campaign. Image via Valentino's official Weibo account.

    2. Valentino Pairs Its Spring Summer 2018 Men’s Show with Live-Streaming#

    Pageviews: 19,868#

    Likes: 36#

    Among luxury brands that hosted a 2018 Spring/Summer men’s show—including Dior, LV, Loewe, Valentino and Burberry—Valentino is the only one that live-streamed their show. Their WeChat post served the promotional purpose of giving readers advance notice of the show time. Then it served as the platform to live-stream the event via Weibo, which attracted more than 20,000 views. Users can click “Read More” or reply with the keyword “live stream” to see the video.


    Leverage live-streaming to invite your customers to see the show as though they were at the front row.

    Image via Gucci campaign video.
    Image via Gucci campaign video.

    3. Gucci Helps You Upgrade Your White Sneakers with Patches#





    Gucci never disappoints. The brand continues to come up with innovative designs to impress consumers. After last year’s variation on the white sneaker, this year the brand has come up with more gear—patches to upgrade and customize your white sneakers. In the promotional video, an animated pinball machine features the "Ace" patches on the play field being spun around by a steel ball. At the end of the post, readers can access an experiential VR video to be among the Gucci-clad dancers. The post also reviewed last season’s white sneaker design, paired with pictures of celebrity streetwear and a promotional video.


    When reinventing your designs with fresh elements is not enough, add interactive gaming effects to make your campaigns more original and drive engagement.

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