Three Tips for NYFW Newbies from Simon Collins

    Here are three tips from influential fashion educator Simon Collins for Fashion Week newcomers that can quickly turn an amateur into a pro.
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    Today, an increasing number of fashionistas from around the world fly to the U.S. just for New York Fashion Week. China fans, who are known to pay a premium for VIP access, are no exception. However, gaining access to fashion’s high holidays is only the first step. How can a first-time visitor get the most out of this experience?

    As the Spring/Summer 2019 NYFW officially kicks off with Tom Ford’s star-studded runway show the evening of September 5, influential fashion educator Simon Collins, the founder of Fashion Culture Design and the ex-dean of the Fashion School at Parson’s New School for Design, shares three tips for Fashion Week newcomers that can quickly turn an amateur into a pro.

    #1 Don’t focus on big names#

    First of all, Collins suggests newcomers look beyond the big-name shows, which people can easily watch online or follow on Instagram nowadays. Instead, they should go to smaller shows, presentations, and events to discover interesting designers and spot niche trends.

    #2 Look around the audience#

    Pay attention to people who are sitting at the shows, not just the front-row line-up. The most interesting part of a show can sometimes be the crowd.

    #3 Enjoy New York City#

    Last but not least, don’t ignore the fascinating New York City. As one of the most well-known fashion capitals, the city does not confine style to fashion shows, it exists in every corner of it, he advises.

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