This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing: Chinese New Year Fashion Edition

    A roundup of new and ongoing Chinese New Year fashion campaigns on Chinese social media during the holiday season, featuring Bottega Veneta, Coach, Jack Wolfskin, Tissot, and TAG Heuer.
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    For our weekly digital roundup, we usually list the top five digital luxury campaigns of the week on Chinese social media, but the huge number of Chinese New Year campaigns out there means we’re bringing you the best of Chinese social media marketing from several different categories over the holiday season. Following our previous beauty brand roundup, below is a list of recent Chinese New Year campaigns by fashion and watch brands, featuring Bottega Veneta, Coach, Jack Wolfskin, Tissot, and TAG Heuer.

    Bottega Veneta#

    Italian luxury fashion house Bottega Veneta launched a Weibo campaign called “Ode to the Year of the Horse” in late January, inviting fans to visit the brand’s boutiques and take pictures of its Chinese New Year’s horse-themed windows. Top participants with the most creative pictures and best New Year’s wishes to their loved ones were awarded a Bottega Veneta album.


    American leather goods company Coach has launched a campaign on WeChat titled “Win Gifts on Horseback (which is a Chinese pun meaning ‘win gifts immediately’)”. The three-part campaign consists of a draw for winning a handbag, a New Year’s wallpaper download, and a red envelope (gift card and coupon) lottery.

    Jack Wolfskin#

    German outdoor wear company Jack Wolfskin launched a Weibo campaign called “Horses Take the Lead, Wolves Travel Around the World”, which asks its fans to write a post on their travel plans for the Chinese New Year holiday. Ten participants with the best posts will be crowned as “Outdoor Experts” and will be awarded outdoor equipment from the brand.


    Swiss watchmaker Tissot has created an official Chinese app for iPhone and Android, which allows users to have access to product information, brand news, store locations, and an innovative game titled “The War of Time”. Users will have to use their Weibo information or phone number to register for an account, and based on their locations, the system will assign “sign-in missions”, asking them to sign in (which essentially means to scan QR codes) at designated stores during the holidays. The amount of points is calculated based on the time they “earn”, which is the difference between the prescribed time and the actual time spent to complete the task. Every five minutes, the user earns one point, or “1T”, and points can be accumulated up to “80T”. Users of different point levels will be awarded digital badges, and are eligible to participate in different levels of red-envelope draws.

    TAG Heuer#

    TAG Heuer, known for manufacturing premium watches, first unveiled its cell phone “Meridiist” several years ago. This year in late January, the brand launched a new model of Meridiist and invited its Weibo fans to spot the differences between the old and the new models. Three of those who found more than 10 differences were selected and were awarded customized red envelopes from the brand.

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