This Week In Digital Luxury Marketing: Chinese New Year Beauty Edition

    A roundup of ongoing Chinese New Year campaigns by beauty and cosmetics brands through January 30, featuring Lancôme, L’Occitane, Sephora, Olay, and Clarins.
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    Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, a plethora of luxury brands have launched Sina Weibo and WeChat campaigns. Since it's getting to be too many to count, we're expanding our digital campaign coverage for the holiday and are going to be taking a look at several different categories for Chinese New Year digital marketing. This week, we're bringing you a roundup of ongoing Chinese New Year campaigns by beauty and cosmetics brands through January 30, featuring Lancôme, L’Occitane, Sephora, Olay, and Clarins.


    In addition its tri-platform campaign which spans through early February, Lancôme has also launched another campaign on Weibo to interact with its fans. The tarot-like “Immortal Horse” Lucky-Card Draw participants are able to pick from nine cards that each have a New Year’s greeting and product recommendation. For example, one of them reads “You will fine true love ‘on horseback,’" which is a Chinese pun for the word "immediately," and features a picture of a Lancôme fragrance. The phrase, “La vie est belle, open your heart and embrace happiness” is translated into Chinese below.


    L’Occitane has launched a dual-platform (WeChat and Weibo) campaign, encouraging its fans to send New Year’s messages they wish to deliver to their loved ones to L’Occitane’s WeChat by specifying message receivers’ Weibo account names. From January 28 to 30, the brand will select one message, tag the message receiver, and “broadcast” it on Weibo every evening at 20:14. Participants whose messages get selected will be awarded gifts.


    Sephora has also launched a tri-platform campaign (QR code scanner on smart phones, Weibo, and the company’s official website) called “Beauty Power, Turn It On,” which gives product recommendations based on participants’ lucky colors: pink, purple, blue, or green. On the campaign page, participants can choose to directly click on their lucky color or scan the QR code and then shake their phones to unfold Sephora’s product recommendations on the page. Those who share their results on Weibo are eligible to enter a lucky draw and win gifts.


    Olay has launched a WeChat campaign titled “Get Red Envelopes 'on horseback'" (another instance of the "on horseback" pun, meaning "get red envelopes immediately"), helping its fans to create personalized electronic greeting cards. Participants are asked to reply with the letters “HK” to Olay on WeChat, and they will receive instructions for uploading pictures that symbolize the things they wish the card receivers get “on horseback." Participants can share or send the completed cards via any social platform.


    Clarins has launched a campaign titled “Beauty on Horseback," (once again, a play on words meaning "immediate beauty") asking fans to share the skin issues they wish to resolve the most in the year of the horse on Weibo. Participants will have the chance to win skincare products from the brand.

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