The Timing Is Right For Jil Sander's China Expansion

    With lagging European sales and growing Chinese demand for logo-free fashion, minimalist German label Jil Sander expands its store locations in China.
    Jil Sander's new Beijing location. (Women's Wear Daily)
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    Minimalist German Label Hopes To Bank On China's Stealth Wealth Trend#

    Jil Sander's new Beijing location. (Women's Wear Daily)

    As part of a China-heavy global expansion plan,

    Jil Sander#

    has opened not one, but two flagship stores in China in the month of April.

    The two stores bring the total number of the brand's mainland China locations up to five and are located in prestigious luxury malls China World Mall in Beijing and Citic Square in Shanghai. China, which accounts for seven to eight percent of the brand's total sales, is expected to help the company make up for the lagging European market that has been steering many other fashion labels' sights toward Asia.

    According to company CEO Alessandro Cremonesi in an interview with Women's Wear Daily, the China market's new focus on less ostentatious luxury products makes now an ideal time for the label to step up its efforts in promoting its minimalist designs to a sophisticated Chinese clinetele. “After an initial moment of euphoria, the Chinese are now more conscious of and attentive to quality and materials. This is an advantage for us, as shopping has become less about a brand or a logo. The region can bring good results,” he said.

    Menswear is especially important to Jil Sander's China strategy, as it comprises around 50 percent of the label's sales in the country as opposed to only 20 percent worldwide, and the company plans to strengthen its emphasis on accessories in its store layouts.

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