Super-Collector Wang Wei's Dragon Art Museum Hits Construction Milestone

    Taking over the former Tomson Business Center building in Shanghai's Pudong district, close by the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the Dragon Art Museum will expand the original 8,000 square meter space to 12,000 square meters.
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    12,000 Square Meter Museum Located In Shanghai's Pudong District#

    Zhong Song's exterior design, featuring a projection of Chen Yifei's 1987 painting, "The Flute Player"

    This past February, Jing Daily covered Chinese art "super-collector" Wang Wei's long-discussed private art museum in Shanghai, which Wang and billionaire investor husband Liu Yiqian plan to open next year. The "Dragon Art Museum" (龙美术馆) will showcase Wang and Liu's extensive collection of blue-chip Chinese contemporary art on the ground floor, Wang's Mao-era “Red Classics” from 1949-1979 on the second, and traditional works and ancient artifacts on the third floor.

    Taking over a section of the former Tomson Centre (汤臣别墅商业中心) building in Shanghai's Pudong district, near the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Wang's museum will expand the original 8,000 square meter space to 12,000 square meters. With around 15 months to go until the museum's planned November 18, 2012 grand opening, last weekend construction teams hit a milestone, starting work on the building's facade.

    Designed by Zhong Song (仲松), a "post-70s generation" artist and architect who started off his career at the studio of the late Beijing artist Chen Yifei, the museum's facade is at tasteful and minimalist, going against the current preference for all things large and loud in the world of Chinese architecture. According to Zhong, the concept of the building's facade is "clean and quality," adding that he will use only light-colored granite for the exterior, installing fewer and smaller windows in order to give "a feeling of wholeness" to the building.

    Based on an artist rendering of the exterior, which shows a projection of Chen Yifei's 1987 work, "The Flute Player" on the museum's facade, expect some high-tech features to be worked into the low-key granite-and-glass design. In addition to the facade currently under construction, crews will soon start work on the auxiliary warehouse, with all construction expected to be complete by the end of this year.

    As Wang Wei told the Chinese art magazine Art Finance earlier this summer, she and Liu Yiqian have already invested over 200 million yuan (US$31 million) in the project, and are projecting an annual operating budget of 5 million yuan (US$774,000).

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