Spring Festival Spotlight | Gucci’s China-Exclusive Year Of The Horse Collection

    The luxury brand's iconic horsebit design and equestrian heritage have proven ideal for this year's zodiac animal.
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    Presenting a special-edition “China-red” collection of its Bright Bit bags is luxury brand Gucci, which is able to take advantage of the fact that its iconic “horse bit” found on its shoes and bags is perfect for this year’s zodiac animal.

    The brand highlights on its Sina Weibo page that the bags “represent auspicious, successful, and lucky horse culture mixed with Chinese red, and further embody the exquisite and detailed design of the gold horse mouthpiece.” The brand also invites users to send the character for horse (马) to Gucci’s official WeChat account to receive more information.

    Like Diageo’s White Horse Gold Scotch, Gucci was able to draw on its pre-existing equestrian-themed products for this year's animal. Last year, the company created auspicious luggage tags for the year of the snake. In order to see how strong the shift away from logos has been, compare this China collection to Gucci’s 2009 special-edition dragon bag (it was actually released during the year of the ox, but it looks like the brand opted for a more aesthetically appealing zodiac creature).

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