Spring Festival Spotlight | Diageo White Horse Gold 1890 Scotch

    The Scotch brand was likely waiting for this year's zodiac animal to come up on the list, and is taking full advantage of the marketing possibilities.
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    Diageo’s White Horse Scotch has likely been looking forward to this Chinese New Year for years, since its name was clearly made for it. In preparation for Spring Festival, the drinks conglomerate has unveiled its new bottles of White Horse Gold Edition 1890, which will be sold exclusively in travel retail locations.

    According to the Moodie Report, Diageo Global Travel and Middle East Marketing Director Steve White said that this blend was crafted specifically for the holiday:

    “We are thrilled to offer White Horse Gold Edition 1890 fittingly in the Chinese Year of the Horse. In Chinese culture, the horse symbolises power and success, so we are hopeful that the launch of this special blend, crafted to celebrate the Year of the Horse, will echo this sentiment. We are confident that this limited edition travel retail exclusive will appeal to the Asian traveller.”

    Scotch whisky has been facing a difficult time in China as a result of the ongoing gifting crackdown, which is having a significant effect on spirits. Diageo has been stepping up its promotion efforts for Chinese consumers, especially for its popular brand Johnnie Walker.

    The White Horse special-edition blend is part of a growing group of year of the horse luxury products, which are proving that the color gold is just as important as the horse in making a product auspicious.

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