Spring Festival Spotlight | Davidoff 'Year Of The Horse' Cigars

    The cigar maker uses red instead of this year's more commonly used gold for its Chinese New Year luxury gift product.
    Jing Daily
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    One year of the horse product that's likely to be heavily aimed at gifting is Davidoff's set of limited-edition cigars. While most Chinese New Year products have embraced the color gold so far, Davidoff has chosen the other most auspicious Chinese color for its wooden lacquer box—red. The Gran Toro cigars "evolve through a complex flavor profile ranging from mild to medium to finally a full body blend," according to a website where they're available for sale. With only 3,000 boxes, the collection is rare, and costs US$265.

    If that price isn't extravagant enough, however, try pairing them with S.T. Dupont's $13,900 gold year of the horse lighter, which can make the experience just like smoking money. If you're plotting to oust a Chinese official, just gift, record them using, and upload to Sina Weibo.

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