Spring Festival Spotlight | Carolina Herrera's Year Of The Horse Matryoshka Bag

    The Venezuelan-American fashion designer is the latest to issue a gold-and-red horse-emblazoned special-edition item in time for Chinese New Year.
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    Jumping in on the year of the horse bandwagon is fashion designer Carolina Herrera, who has just launched a special-edition red-and-gold Matryoshka bag to ring in the Chinese New Year. According to Luxury Launches:

    The limited edition bag is made from festive Goya leather and features a beautiful addition of a horse detailed at the top right hand corner of the bag. This very special Matryoshka uses the traditional Chinese festive colors of red and gold while drawing on the symbolism of the horse to represent strength, triumph and victory.

    Check out a close-up of the bag below, and see our ongoing coverage of special-edition Chinese New Year items here.

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