Spectacular Hugo Boss Show Grabs Global Fashion Spotlight In Shanghai

    Both Chinese and foreign stars turned out for last night's Hugo Boss live-streamed Shanghai runway show, which featured China as the focal point of the label's global marketing strategy.
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    Live-Streamed Worldwide; Front-Row Celebs Include Carey Mulligan of "Gatsby," Chow Yun-fat#

    One of Hugo Boss' China-specific limited runway pieces, which was made available for purchase online as the show was live-streamed. (Hugo Boss)

    It was a star-studded evening for Shanghai’s fashion and media industry last night, as Berlin designer Hugo Boss unveiled his Fall/Winter 2013 collection at the city’s Power Station of Art.

    With a guest list of over 1,000 VIPs, fashionistas, buyers, and journalists, as well as appearances from A-listers Gerard Butler, Carey Mulligan, Chow Yun-fat, and China Chow among others, the fashion house debuted its womenswear and menswear for next season in a move that puts China firmly as the focal point of Boss’s marketing strategy.

    Over the past few weeks, Boss built hype around the show with the release of a three-installment video campaign titled “Shanghai Affairs,” aimed at creating excitement and a sense of exclusivity for the Shanghai event.

    Keeping with the brand’s 2012 show in Beijing--a 3-D, high-tech fashion spectacular--the Shanghai event was live-streamed worldwide, with a few limited edition items--a 14 karat gold-zippered green silk evening dress and a men’s three piece suit--made available for purchase during the runway show. With new womenswear brand and creative director Eyan Allan at the helm, Boss’ vision for winter was a combination of the brand’s signature tailoring with vibrant pops of color, from aubergine and dove blue to yellow and deep teal.

    Marking a change from its last China show was the presence of a few Chinese models on the catwalk--something rather new for Boss--including Ming Xi and Liu Wen.

    Despite a slow start in China--last year’s revenue in the region made up a mere 15 percent of the house’s $2.67 billion globally--Boss has been steadily investing several resources and strategies in the Middle Kingdom, with a more aggressive presence in social media platforms like Youku and Weibo, as well as the launch of a China-dedicated online store. These efforts, according to according to company CEO Claus-Dietrich Lahrs, have yielded a "gradual improvement" in sales.

    Watch the full show below:

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