SOHO CEO Zhang Xin: Why China Has So Many Female Billionaires

    "I think women in China are given more opportunities," says the real estate tycoon in a CNN interview on the proliferation of female billionaires in the country.
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    After making waves on Chinese social media in March when she predicted in an interview on 60 Minutes that democracy would soon arrive in China, Chinese real estate mogul and CEO of SOHO China opened up to CNN this week on her experience as a female self-made billionaire in the country.

    On the network's "leading women" series, she discusses why there are so many more wealthy women in China than elsewhere—11 out of the world's top 20 wealthiest female entrepreneurs are from China, to be exact.

    According to Zhang,

    China's been given so [much] amazing opportunity. Women just seized the opportunity ... and in this regard I think women in China are given more opportunities than outside, and that's why you see more self-made women billionaires than elsewhere in the world.

    Watch the rest of the interview in the video embedded below.

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