Crossover | Shanghai Tang & Moleskine 'Year Of The Horse' Diary

    Chinese New Year may be months away, but the Chinese lifestyle brand and iconic notebook company have released their annual zodiac notebook design.
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    Chinese New Year won't start until the end of January in 2014, but the special-edition zodiac product deluge has already begun. To celebrate the year of the horse, Shanghai Tang and Moleskine have just announced their new limited-edition zodiac notebook in honor of the next animal in line.

    This upcoming year's iteration of the "Feng Shui Diary" by the pair, which follows their year of the snake notebook, features a horse pattern on the cover based on traditional Song dynasty tangram puzzles. A typical puzzle consists of seven flat pieces in geometric shapes that must be arranged to create animals and other objects.

    Available in light blue, navy, and orange, the notebooks also feature a feng shui guide in both Chinese and English featuring a chart, guide to the nine flying stars, description of zodiac festivals, and Chinese horoscopes.

    For wealthy Chinese who have some extra cash, the diary would sit well on the dashboard of Rolls-Royce's recently released limited-edition year of the horse Ghost model.

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