Shanghai Tang Debuts Handbags Inspired By Miao Minority Culture

    Shanghai Tang had debuted a line of handbags from its “Metamorphosis” Spring/Summer collection, following the release of apparel and accessories inspired by south China's Miao minority.
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    Shanghai Tang's Collection Bags Feature Tassels, Jade Embellishments#

    The Jade Sling Bag from Shanghai Tang S/S 2011 (Image Courtesy of Shanghai Tang)

    The Hong Kong-based, Richemont-owned brand Shanghai Tang presents itself as the "global ambassador of contemporary Chinese chic." Reflecting its mission to put Chinese design on the global map, Shanghai Tang has recently debuted new collections inspired by China's minority cultures, from a Mongolian-influenced Autumn/Winter 2010 collection to the more recent line inspired by the Miao minority of southern China.

    Jing Daily recently reported on "Metamorphosis," Shanghai Tang's Spring/Summer 2011 collection, features clear references to Miao culture, renowned in China for silk-weaving, embroidering and jewelry making. Looking to re-imagine traditional Miao imagery, "Metamorphosis" is an attempt to work important Miao symbology, such as butterflies, into colorful and modern pieces.

    Following the release of apparel and accessories from the "Metamorphosis" collection, Shanghai Tang has released a line of handbags, featuring Shanghai Tang's signature jade bead embellishments as well as oversized tassels and Chinese knots. The bags are made from soft nappa leather and, along with the rest of the Spring Summer 2011 collection, can be purchased online.

    The Jade Sling Bag, available for $640 USD or 4,206 RMB (Image Courtesy of Shanghai Tang)

    The Jade Sling Bag is a classic leather bag featuring inspiration from Chinese cone knots. (Image Courtesy of Shanghai Tang)

    The City Bag features a laptop/ipad pouch within (Image Courtesy of Shanghai Tang)

    The City Bag is available for $720 USD or 4731 RMB (Image Courtesy of Shanghai Tang)

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