Rolls-Royce Gears Up For Year Of The Horse With Zodiac-Inspired Ghost

    The luxury automaker reveals one of the first special-edition luxury products for the next zodiac figure in line, but it certainly won't be the last.
    Jing Daily
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      Published   in Finance

    It looks like we have our first custom "Year of the Horse" luxury product in preparation for Chinese New Year: Rolls-Royce has announced a special limited-edition "Majestic Horse" Ghost model. According to Rolls-Royce Kunming's Weibo page, the horse imagery on the interior and exterior of the model is inspired by depictions of the horse in traditional Chinese ink painting. The announcement of this Chinese culture-influenced model comes soon after images were revealed of a bespoke Ghost inspired by Chengdu's famous gold Sun Bird relic.

    Limited-edition luxury products in honor of Chinese New Year are common, so expect many more product announcements as the holiday approaches.

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