Rolls-Royce Crafts One-Of-A-Kind 'Chengdu Sun Bird' Ghost Model

    The design of a new custom model takes its inspiration from an ancient Shang dynasty relic found in the western city.
    Jing Daily
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      Published   in Finance

    Rolls-Royce's Facebook page recently unveiled a new model of its Ghost line likely created for an ancient Chinese history buff. The bespoke automobile, which cost $272,000, features a motif taken from a Shang dynasty relic found at Chengdu's Jinsha ruins. To accompany the fact that the relic is made out of almost pure gold, the car features a fair amount of the color on the hood, roof, trunk lid, tread plates, wheel hub, and logo. Although we don't know who purchased it, we may be able to guess what kind of phone they bought to go with the car.

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