Report Launch | The Global Chinese Property Hunt: What They’re Buying, Why They’re Buying, and What it Means for New York

    In Jing Daily's latest report, we take an in-depth look at the trends and motivations spurring Chinese buyers' real estate gold rush in the New York market.
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    Overtaking other foreign buyer groups in recent years and zeroing in on trophy commercial properties as well as luxury residences, Chinese investors continue to pour millions into the New York property market. But for realtors, investors, and anyone in the New York or American real estate industries, what does China's New York shopping spree mean for their business? And how can they take advantage of the rising tide of wealthy Chinese buyers?

    Jing Daily’s newly released report “The Global Chinese Property Hunt: What They’re Buying, Why They’re Buying, and What it Means for New York,” compiles insight, context, and successful realtors' "secret sauce" to give sellers an edge over the competition, detailing the motivations, ambitions, and long-term goals of Chinese real estate investors.

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    As the country's most dynamic property market, New York provides a valuable case study for trends that will reshape the property market nationwide in the years to come. For realtors, identifying these trends and building strategies to leverage Chinese buying behavior will put them ahead of the pack. Findings in the report include:

    • Political and economic conditions in China do play a role, but only a small one in determining why people want to invest overseas.
    • With its excellent universities, relatively affordable real estate, and favorable immigration status, New York has emerged as the world’s leading market for Chinese investment.
    • Chinese buyers overwhelmingly prefer new, high-rise condos to old-fashioned buildings.
    • The rise of Chinese buyers has forced New York-based real estate companies to adjust in a number of key ways, including hiring Chinese employees.

    Learn how today's Chinese property buyer differs from just a few years ago, what kind of properties they want the most, who is influencing their decisions, and how subtle choices in materials and locations can mean the difference between making and losing a multi-million-dollar sale. Don't miss the opportunity to benefit from China's international property buying spree—click here to purchase and download the new report.

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