Rapper Amber Liu becomes new face of SK-II

    The Taiwanese-American rapper and singer is the latest celebrity to become a SK-II brand ambassador.
    Rapper and singer Amber Liu. Image: Steel Wool Entertainment
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    SK-II recently announced singer and rapper Amber Liu as its newest brand ambassador. Liu is a versatile Taiwanese-American artist who first made a name for herself in the South Korean music industry.

    Liu first captured the attention of fans as a member of the popular South Korean girl group f(x), which debuted in September 2009. Liu has since gone on to launch a solo career as a singer, rapper, and songwriter.

    Amber Liu is SK-II’s new ambassador. Image: Ryce Entertainment
    Amber Liu is SK-II’s new ambassador. Image: Ryce Entertainment

    SK-II has faced major hurdles in terms of sales this year in China. Despite these challenges, the skincare brand has continued its ethos of partnering with unconventional female figures like Amber Liu — who is known for her androgyny and outspoken ways — as well as championing values such as women’s agency and anti-ageism.

    For International Women’s Day 2024, the brand released a documentary following five older women. Despite facing demands from their families, jobs, and society, the women in the film choose to be true to themselves and show their bare faces.

    However, the brand’s latest marketing success comes from a Douyin video released earlier this month.

    Titled “SK-II Blind Skin Test for Consumers,” the video features three participants whose ages were guessed by random viewers by only touching their faces. In the viral video, a 61-year-old woman who had been using SK-II for 31 years was thought to be 37 by the participants.

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