Quote Of The Day: Rebirth Of The Hongqi Pride

    “Whenever I drove the Hongqi to the road, it was always...
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    Hongqi H7 (Revistadelmotor/Flickr)

    “Whenever I drove the Hongqi to the road, it was always the center of attention. Pedestrians stopped and watched while other cars drove slowly. Some drivers rolled down their windows, giving me the thumbs up.”#

    —York Wong Yan-kwong#

    (WSJ-China Real Time Report)

    Built by China FAW during the Mao period, the Hongqi (literally translates to Red Flag) was synonymous with the Chinese political power at the time. York Wong Yan-kwong, a Hong Kong businessman and the founder and chairman of the Hong Kong Red Flag Club, still remembers the first time he saw a Hongqi. At age 14, he could feel the sense of elegance and intensity radiating from the Red Flag, a feeling further heightened by the Chinese pride it represented. Now a collector, Wong owns seven Hongqi limousines, and every time he drives one he feels great pride, a feeling shared by those around him.

    Wong’s enthusiasm for the Hongqi does not end with the brand’s antique cars. With the formal launch of the new Hongqi H7, China FAW Group is hoping to evoke the same pride that the brand previously represented. Wong also has high hopes for the brand and wishes to ride a right-hand-drive Hongqi built by China FAW in Hong Kong.

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