Quote Of The Day: A Big Hiccup

    "There has been a big hiccup with luxury in China..."
    Bremont's U-2 Blue model. (Bremont)

    Bremont's U-2 Blue model. (Bremont)

    "There has been a big hiccup with luxury in China... It's about spreading your risk in the country, so you get some teething problems but [trade] will come back."#

    -Giles English, co-founder of watchmaker Bremont#


    CNBC published an article today arguing that China's slowdown isn't so bad if you look at the big picture, and English agrees despite worrying talk of a looming financial crisis. Luxury watchmakers have been hit doubly hard by both China's slowdown and its luxury gifting crackdown, but aren't being deterred from pursuing long-term growth in the country.

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