Pravo, Self-Styled "New Shanghai" Boutique Hotel, To Open In December

    On December 8, the Bao Yin Group will open its Hotel Pravo, which the company describes as a "boutique hotel" with a "New Shanghai" flavor.
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    Ultra-Modern Interiors Update Old Shanghai Design Cues With Smoother Lines, Cutting-Edge Materials#

    With all of the construction seen in the run-up to this recently concluded World Expo, it's somewhat surprising to see new hotels still being built in Shanghai. But this sprawling, fast-growing hotel market -- recently described by one Western exec as "like New York and Los Angeles combined on steroids" -- will soon welcome a new addition, this time from a domestic upstart rather than Hilton or Hyatt. On December 8, China's Bao Yin Group will open the Hotel Pravo, which the company describes as a "boutique hotel" with a "New Shanghai" flavor -- a contrast from the Old Shanghai style that's so popular right now. Along with the usual Italian restaurant and Chinese restaurant, the 86-room hotel will offer less common perks like full butler service.

    The hotel's "New Shanghai" style -- the brainchild of Steven Wang -- is heavily influenced by Art Deco, yet has been updated with more modern textures and materials that feature heavily in the hotel's reception area. From the scents in the lobby to the background music to the artwork by Xia Xiaowan, every aspect of the Hotel Pravo has been individually curated to provide a sanctuary from the Bund's notoriously hectic energy. As Wang, speaking on his inspiration for the Pravo's service-centered approach, recently said, "Every hotel can offer people a place to stay, but we want to make them feel like a true guest."

    Hotel Pravo#

    299 Wu Song Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai
    Tel: 021-63938686

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