Photos Of Ferrari's China-Only 599 HGTE Limited Edition

    Ferrari's new limited-edition 599 HGTE boasts features similar to its 599 GTB, along with a few extras that some of China's flashier high-end car buyers might find irresistible.
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    Model Incorporates China-Only Features Similar To Last Year's Lu Hao-Designed 599 GTB Fiorano China#

    Last fall, Jing Daily covered Ferrari's 599 GTB Fiorano China collaboration with the Chinese artist Lu Hao, outfitted with features like a Song Dynasty-era "Ge kiln" porcelain paint job, a jade starter button with ancient xiaozhuan inscriptions, and a Chinese-language rev-counter. Although this particular model was a one-off -- destined for a charity auction at which an anonymous Shanghai-based bidder bought the vehicle for $2 million -- Ferrari apparently felt the Lu Hao 599 GTB's Chinese characteristics deserved a second look.

    This week, the Chinese fashion blog Hi-Chic published photos of Ferrari's new special-edition 599 HGTE, which boasts similar features to the 599 GTB along with a few extras that some of China's flashier high-end car buyers might find irresistible.

    From Hi-Chic (translation by Jing Daily team):

    To celebrate its achievements in China, Ferrari has unveiled a special edition model for the Chinese market -- the Ferrari 599 HGTE.

    The Ferrari 599 HGTE China limited edition is based on the 599 GTB Fiorano, and comes equipped with the all new "Handling GTE" package, and also includes elements specially designed for China by the artist Lu Hao. Every vehicle will be have its owner's name engraved in xiaozhuan script on a special nameplate, and the ignition button will also be inscribed with "start engine" in ancient script on a background of jade from a famous Italian jewelry brand. The car will also include silver trim and a speedometer that incorporates xiaozhuan characters. Ingenious.

    Inside each trunk is a custom-designed leather suitcase embroidered with the original route of the Silk Road, along which Marco Polo made his journey from Venice, Italy to the Western region of China. Ferrari, through Italian handicrafts, commemorates this magical road.

    It's reported that Ferrari will limit the 599 HGTE China edition to only 12 vehicles.
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