Photos: Backstage At Yifang Wan's London Fashion Week Show

    Chinese consumers' "appreciation for individuality" makes China a key market for the London-based emerging designer.
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    Looks from Yifang Wan's F/W 2014 collection. (Alexa Beatriz)

    Inspired by artists’ work environments, Xiamen-born designer Yifang Wan’s F/W 2014 collection shown at London Fashion Week focused on comfort and ease.

    With an understated confidence, the collection’s mohair and wool fabric enhanced the female form with masculine luxury tailoring. The models’ bleached gray eyebrows created a striking, edgy tone that the designer is known for.

    The new softer, more commercial cuts have the Chinese consumer in mind. Jing Daily went backstage to see the new collection and ask the designer her expansion plans in China in 2014. "At the moment Yifang Wan is selling at various Chinese independent boutiques already,” she said, “but of course, [the] Chinese market is a key target market for the brand as there [is] a lot of appreciation for individuality."

    Look below for backstage photos:

    Models lining up for the Yifang Wan show during London Fashion Week. (Alexa Beatriz)

    Designer Yifang Wan. (Alexa Beatriz)

    A model backstage. (Alexa Beatriz)

    More models backstage before the Yifang Wan show during London Fashion Week. (Alexa Beatriz)

    Alexa Beatriz is a London-based Economics graduate and independent journalist from Spain. In addition to being the UK correspondent for AnyWearStyle, Beatriz is the blogger behind Klein Paradox.

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