Nike's 'NFTee' sells out but sparks backlash. Plus, more Web3 drops

    The roundup and the verdict on this week’s hottest Web3 activations.
    The roundup and the verdict on this week’s hottest Web3 activations. Photo: Nike

    One month it's sneakers; the next it’s T-shirts that are receiving a Web3-connected upgrade. That's the case for Nike's digital community platform, Dot Swoosh, which finally dropped its long-awaited "Tinaj" tee collection this week. The second product to arrive from the sportswear label's Web3 venture was another sell-out success, but critiques are already rolling in about Nike's virtual strategy.

    In other news this week, Web3-native beauty label Kiki World has opened up its polls once again, inviting its community to vote for their favorite nail color. The brand recently launched an innovative NFC-chipped press-on nails series that, when scanned, shares wearers' LinkedIn, Instagram, and email information. As they say, let your nails do the talking (or, in this case, the networking).

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    Nike's "Tinaj" tee sells out, sparks backlash across the Dot Swoosh community#

    What happened

    Following the success of its debut "OF1" IRL sneaker drop in October, Nike was back this month with its "Tinaj" T-shirt collection release on November 29.

    Exclusive to Dot Swoosh members, the shirt features the Dot Swoosh logo, as well as the slogan "This Is Not A JPEG" — a satirical response to NFT skeptics who often refer to tokens as nothing more than JPEGs. The collection sold out in 30 minutes via the SNKRS app.

    Why it matters

    While Nike's sell-out success reaffirmed the growing demand for Web3-enabled apparel, not everyone was a happy customer.

    Dot Swoosh members took to social hub X (formerly Twitter) to decry that Nike had failed to notify its community about the drop's new launch date after it was originally postponed. Others criticized the lack of supply Nike had produced, as well as bugs on the platform that prevented them from copping the T-shirt in time. "This is a disappointment. Hold back by one week to make it a shock drop and not allow exclusive access to Tinaj holders to buy," one X user wrote.

    Kiki World's latest activation is letting nails do the networking. Photo: Kiki World
    Kiki World's latest activation is letting nails do the networking. Photo: Kiki World

    Kiki World takes networking to the next level with NFC-connected nails#

    What happened

    Kiki World, the revolutionary new player joining the beauty brand scene, is inviting its community to vote again on its next product release, dubbed "Chipped." Members will be able to choose their favorite color for the label's upcoming press-on nail launch until December 31, celebrating its recent drop of NFC-connected press-ons.

    Wearers can invite their social circle to scan their nails to access information, such as their LinkedIn account, Instagram, and email, disrupting the way we network and exchange contacts.

    Why it matters

    A disruptor through and through, Kiki World is transforming the beauty ecosystem one crowdsourced project at a time. Chipped, for example, is turning business cards into business claws, an activation that has caused a buzz across the industry.

    The startup's commitment to identifying its consumers as co-creators ushers in a new playbook for beauty brands — one that competitors will undoubtedly be taking a leaf out of soon.

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    Rising label Paolina Russo launches Roblox wearables as avatar dressing booms#

    What happened

    London-based fashion label and LVMH Prize 2023 shortlister Paolina Russo is leaping into Roblox to outfit in-game avatars in its trademark knitwear pieces.

    In partnership with digital fashion platform Sknups, three key looks from the upcoming brand's fall 2023 collection have been digitized into in-game virtual versions. The project coincides with a new installation from the brand at Dover Street Market London, which launched on November 30.

    Why it matters

    Roblox has emerged as a thriving destination for rising creators to experiment with aesthetics and reach wider audiences. For lesser-known, cult labels like Paolina Russo, the activation marks a milestone in the brand's rise to prominence across the fashion industry.

    Gaming platforms are a hotspot for independent brands to gain cultural recognition. According to Roblox's "2023 Digital Expression, Fashion & Beauty Trends" report, 51 percent of participants said they are very or extremely likely to consider a brand in the physical world after wearing or trying on a brand’s item virtually.

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