Neiwai‘s International Women’s Day Campaign Makes Waves On Social Media

    Neiwai's “My Body To Me” campaign for International Women's Day drove significant traffic on social media. Why does it resonate with Chinese women?
    Neiwai was among the first batch of homegrown brands to launch a dedicated campaign responding to feminist issues. Photo: Neiwai
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    On February 28, Chinese lifestyle DTC brand Neiwai launched a campaign titled “My Body To Me” in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8. The campaign video combines modern dance and physical theater, presenting a woman's self-questioning process as a conflict between her personal feelings and external rules. Asking 10 questions that are usually overlooked by women, the film encourages self-acceptance. Neiwai also collaborated with the Beijing Hongyan Social Work Service Center to host an in-person writing workshop, giving women an opportunity to write down their feelings about their body.

    The “My Body To Me” campaign film combines the genres of modern dance and physical theater. Photo: Neiwai
    The “My Body To Me” campaign film combines the genres of modern dance and physical theater. Photo: Neiwai

    Netizens’ Reaction#

    The campaign is one of the most prominent International Women’s Day-themed campaigns this year. The video racked up over 4.5 million views on Weibo within four days and received many positive comments from netizens across major social media channels. In addition to being able to relate to the struggles discussed in the video, users said that they felt encouraged by the powerful sense of rebellion imbued in the script and choreography.


    Neiwai launched the serial campaign “No Body Is Nobody” from 2020 to 2022 to drive the concept of body positivity in China. It was also among the first homegrown brands to create a dedicated campaign responding to feminist issues. When the initiative was introduced in March 2020, it was a hit as it had diverse representation and challenged the traditional beauty standards rooted in Chinese culture.

    Followed by a podcast series focused on various feminist topics in 2021 and an offline exhibition last year, the three-year project contributed to consumer awareness on diversity and feminism. And now, the brand is going a step further by calling women to go against societal expectations. This shift also aligns with the evolution of contemporary feminism in the local market. As a domestic leading player in the lingerie sector, Neiwai has became a proven veteran of branding and storytelling.

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