10 Luxury Brands Share the Digital Love This Mother's Day

    Many luxury brands have launched specially-designed Mother's Day campaigns for the Chinese market on social media as more consumers celebrate the holiday.
    Gucci's Mother's Day campaign went viral on WeChat.
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    Alongside other Western celebrations, in recent years Mother's Day has become an increasingly popular holiday in China. In the spirit of gift-giving, many luxury brands have taken advantage of the occasion, sniffing out business opportunities to create pre-holiday campaigns promoting their offerings. WeChat, as China's most influential social media app, is the main playground for brands hoping to reach potential consumers.

    Read below to discover Jing Daily's pick of the ten most creative WeChat marketing campaigns delivered by international luxury brands this Mother's Day. The list is in alphabetical order.



    The Swiss premium footwear brand Bally posted a Mother's Day article on May 8, offering gift ideas to followers on how to please their modern, stylish mothers with its products. By either clicking on the images or following the link provided at the end of the feature, consumers land on Bally's official Chinese e-commerce website to complete their orders.


    Bottega Veneta#

    Rather than allowing buyers to complete the purchasing process online, Bottega Veneta attempts to re-direct readers of its Mother's Day WeChat post to their offline boutique stores, where the brand hopes to create "unforgettable memories" for both children and mothers celebrating the occasion. From May 12-13, consumers can bring their mothers to Bottega Veneta's offline stores to enjoy a personalization service on any product. Additionally, professional painting artists are available in store to document consumers' warm moments with their mothers. At the end of the brand's WeChat post, readers are directed to an HTML5 page where they can see the event details and make an appointment.



    The Mother's Day gift lists prepared by French fine jewelry brand Cartier for Chinese consumers includes a variety of its product offerings- from bracelets, rings and watches, to handbags and scarves. In Cartier's WeChat post released on May 9, readers are directed to the brand's e-commerce store to complete their order.


    American luxury brand Coach utilizes the popularity of Chinese celebrity Guan Xiaotong to promote its Mother's Day WeChat campaign. Guan recorded a video for the brand talking about how her mother has been an important force in shaping her life and career. In the article promoting the video, Coach offers users several shopping coupons to be redeemed from May 11-21. To further engage with readers, the brand also encourages them to leave comments stating their favorite Coach products to gift their mothers. The reader who posts the comment with the most likes will receive a special surprise.


    French premium cosmetics brand Clarins launched a WeChat photo competition on May 10 in celebration of Mother's Day. The post asks readers to submit photos with their mothers to the account, with the 10 best photos selected by the brand receiving special gift boxes.



    French luxury powerhouse Christian Dior posted two articles to celebrate Mother's Day in China this year, with one focusing specifically on introducing its perfume line as the perfect gift for mothers. The brand also released two special items - La D de Dior Precieuse, a secret watch, and the La Petite Bohemienne jewelry collection in pink - to sell exclusively in China for the holiday.


    Italian luxury brand Gucci created a viral campaign on WeChat ahead of this Mother's Day. According to the digital agency ParkLu, the Mother's Day post released on May 4 has already surpassed 100,000 page views, indicating the massive popularity of the brand. The amusing post asks readers eight questions about their moms, and then provides answers which- of course- include suggestions of Gucci gifts for Mother’s Day.

    Harry Winston#

    In China, its become a Mother's Day tradition for children to send "forget-me-not" flowers to their mothers to express their love and gratitude. In response to this, the fine jewelry brand Harry Winston has released its designs for the "Forget Me Not" collection, just in time for this Mother's Day. The brand published a WeChat post on May 8 to give Chinese consumers a detailed introduction to the collection and how it fits the holiday mood.


    Louis Vuitton#

    This year, Louis Vuitton's gift recommendation for Mother's Day is a collection of options from its fragrance line. At a time when Chinese luxury shoppers demand more exclusivity and personalization, the brand now offers an engraving service for customers buying their fragrance products.



    This Mother's Day, the German luxury brand released a digital giftcard via a WeChat mini-program, hoping to encourage Chinese consumers' gift-giving activities. Users can directly purchase items on the WeChat mini-program and then share the orders with their mothers for them to collect themselves.

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