Montblanc's "Art Of Writing" Exhibition, Arts Patronage Awards To Hit Beijing

    The globe-trotting exhibition will land in three Chinese cities: After a 10-day run in Beijing, Montblanc will present "the Art of Writing" in Hong Kong (July 8-14) and Shanghai (July 16-24).
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    Company Has Released Limited-Edition Fountain Pen Each Year Since 1992#

    Montblanc's "Patron of Arts" pen for 2011 (Image: PR)

    Running this month, Montblanc's "Art of Writing" exhibition at Beijing's Oriental Plaza mall marks the China debut of the 2011 Patron of Art fountain pen, released in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award. The globe-trotting exhibition, which takes place this year in places like Japan, Italy, France, Spain, the UK and United States, will hit three cities in China in all; Following its 10-day run in Beijing, Montblanc will present the exhibition in Hong Kong (July 8-14) and Shanghai (July 16-24).

    Included in the exhibition are the 20 Montblanc Patron of Art Limited Edition fountain pens that Montblanc has unveiled every year since 1992. These pens, which find inspiration in historical patrons of the arts like Emperor Octavian, Louis XIV, and Gaius Maecenas, are designed and crafted in Montblanc’s Artisan Studio and limited to only 4,810 pieces or, in some cases, only 888 pieces. (An obvious nod to the popularity of Montblanc's limited-edition collections in Asia, where the number is considered auspicious.)

    After wrapping up the Beijing exhibition, Montblanc will hold the China segment of its Arts Patronage Award Ceremony in the city's Sanlitun neighborhood. According to local media, at the ceremony, Montblanc CEO Lutz Bethge and Lang Lang, the renowned pianist and (since 2008) chairman of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation, will honor the well-known Chinese baritone Liao Changyong.

    Winners of Montblanc's Arts Patronage Award, 12 of whom are honored around the world each year, receive the newest "Patron of Art" pen, in this year's case one honoring Gaius Maecenas, as well as a cash prize of €15,000 (US$22,000) to donate to the arts program of their choice. Keep an eye on Jing Daily for our coverage of the awards ceremony later this month.

    Detail of this year's Patron of Arts pen, honoring Gaias Maecenas (Image: PR)

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