Moët & Chandon Transforms Crayfish Boat Into ‘Ice Impérial Yacht’

    The French champagne bottler brings its bubbly to the high seas with a Hong Kong party boat.
    Jing Daily
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    Since nothing goes better with boats than drinking, Moët & Chandon has given new life to a boat in Hong Kong formerly belonging to an Australian crayfish catcher, outfitting it with 12 bottles of Moët Ice Impérial champagne, sunbeds, a floating lounge, sound system, and even an inflatable slide.

    Entitled the “Moët Ice Impérial Yacht”, the boat is available for charter from Hong Kong Yachting for rates starting at $HK19,900 (US$2,566), and can hold up to 40 people. Both champagne and yachting are nascent industries in China at the moment, but bottlers and yachmakers are working hard to reverse this trend.

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