6 Luxury Mooncake Gift Boxes Winning Over Shoppers This Mid-Autumn Festival

    This year, luxury brands are making useful and sustainable mooncake tributes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we're showing you the best six.
    This year, luxury brands are making useful and sustainable mooncake tributes for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and we're showing you the best six. Photo: Little Red Book
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    The Mid-Autumn Festival, China's most important traditional festival in the second half of the year, is fast approaching. Although this family reunion-based occasion falls on September 21 this year, traditional mooncake box gifting commenced much earlier than the actual celebration. As always, luxury houses are not missing this opportunity to reward their local customers, showing their dedication to China's luxury spenders and their traditional culture.

    In a contemporary context, the social attributes of mooncakes have surpassed their snacking attributes. For luxury brands, the Mid-Autumn Festival has become a significant moment for telling brand stories. As compared to previous mooncake drops, we see more brands ingeniously incorporate their house heritage, Mid-Autumn Festival symbols, and contemporary cultural elements. In fact, other brands even take sustainability and design into consideration by going overboard on their mooncake gift boxes. Below, Jing Daily spotlights six luxury brand mooncake boxes that have impressed Chinese customers with efforts that go above and beyond.


    When opening Bulgari’s new mooncake box, a paper rabbit pops up, standing at the center of Rome’s iconic Colosseum and looking up at the LED-lit full moon. This exquisite box comes with four mooncakes in egg yolk and bean paste flavors (typical recipes for this traditional dessert). But what makes this set even more distinct is how the box can be charged via a USB-C cable, making it a decorative object that consumers can keep indefinitely.


    For its mooncake box, the Belgian luxury leather goods manufacturer Delvaux was inspired by its signature 1950s piece “Avia Airess” and shaped the box similar to the famous hard-side luggage. Many Chinese VIP customers who received these gifts posted them on the social platform Xiaohongshu and received numerous comments on the boxes. As Delvaux’s communication strategy is relatively low-key, leveraging the Mid-Autumn Festival is a smart way to intimately discuss the house's legacy and its commitment to craftsmanship.


    Constellations make up the motif for Dior’s mooncake iteration this year. With the house's usual elegance and modernity, the box bears a dark blue Dior constellation print. Along with eight mooncakes molded with the brand’s letters, the box features a TWG tea jar and a circular fan printed with the same constellation. Several customers ranked Dior’s mooncake box as their favorite pick, saying that the house truly showcased their dedication to this Chinese traditional festival.


    Aligning with this year's utilitarian trend, Gucci created a music box for its mooncakes with gold and green velvet packaging. When opening the box, a white hare enters the center area, surrounded by four pieces of mooncake and background music. And with a mirror inside, the box can be used as an accessories case after customers finish their mooncakes.


    This Italian house collaborated with food artist and designer Imogen Kwok to craft a wooded mooncake box this year. The case includes a jigsaw puzzle with the Loewe logo to enjoy with friends and family. Alongside two pieces of mooncake, two flower tea bags complement the delicate case.


    Tiffany took a futuristic approach toward this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebration by partnering with American illustrator Christoph Niemann on a rocket-shaped mooncake box. To create authentic flavors, the brand collaborated with Boheng 55, a two Michelin star Cantonese restaurant in Shanghai, to produce mooncakes in four flavors with premium ingredients like black truffle and Yan Wo (edible bird’s nest).

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