Middle-Class Parents Who Give Kids 'Rich' Lifestyle Called Out Online

    Today, Chinese consumers are talking about a botched Maserati robbery and a social phenomenon where middle-class parents give their children falsely luxurious lifestyles.
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    Online Commenter Calls Out Middle-Class Parents Who Give Children a Falsely Luxurious Life#

    In China, it used to be that only the very rich could give their children extravagant lifestyles and cash to burn. These kids are known as the “Fuerdai”—the showy children of the rich, and the phenomenon first took hold at the start of China’s economic boom. But on Weibo, a new video is circulating that suggests that that is no longer the case. The video's commenter explains why, in China, there's a phenomenon where middle-class parents are spending as much on their kids as wealthy parents, providing a better life for their children than the family can actually afford. This has led to what the commenter calls a serious social problem where children from all backgrounds are behaving like the notorious “Fuerdai”—inspiring the phrase “all-children Fuerdai.” The commenter listed several countries—Germany, the U.S., Japan—that have been historically richer and more developed than China, and explained that in his opinion, these countries don’t have the same “all-children Fuerdai” issue.

    Comment from Weibo: “How much does this man actually know about the countries he mentioned? I know for a fact that in the U.S. most parents still pay for their children’s rent in college.”

    Photo: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock
    Photo: Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock

    Men Who Stole Maserati in China Ran Out of Gas and Got Caught#

    Eight men in the Southeastern Chinese province of Sichuan attempted to steal a neon-green Maserati last week. But their plan failed miserably when the luxury car ran out of gas during their getaway. All eight men were arrested by police shortly after the car was stranded on the side of a highway. The news, first reported by local Chinese media, spread like wildfire on Weibo with much mocking and laughter. The men, who were reportedly armed, robbed the Maserati’s owner, it is said, because of a dispute over debt obligations. Besides commenting on how poorly-planned the heist was, many netizens were also concerned about the fact that the men were armed with guns, private ownership of which is not permitted in China.

    Comment from Weibo: “These robbers lowered the IQ of all the thieves of the world.”

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