Melt Season’s ‘To the Wonder’ tie-up: A study in resonant marketing

    Melt Season’s new Roaming Wind fragrance, inspired by the hit series ‘To the Wonder,’ is a lesson in how to find an emotional touchpoint that resonates with Chinese consumers.
    Photo: Melt Season
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    Chinese fragrance brand Melt Season has teamed up with the hit Chinese TV series To the Wonder to unveil a spring/summer fragrance dubbed Roaming Wind.

    Inspired by the majestic landscapes of Altay in northern Xinjiang province, the partners set about capturing the essence of ancient grassland folk songs. Melt Season aimed to evoke the untamed spirit of the wilderness.

    Available offline in boutiques and online via platforms including WeChat and Xiaohongshu, the fragrance promises an olfactory journey through nature’s serene expanses.

    Melt Season aimed to evoke the untamed spirit of the wilderness, with the launch of the new scent. Photo: Melt Season
    Melt Season aimed to evoke the untamed spirit of the wilderness, with the launch of the new scent. Photo: Melt Season

    Since its debut on May 7, To the Wonder has garnered widespread acclaim for its evocative storytelling and evocative portrayal of Altay’s natural beauty. The TV series paints a vivid picture of the area’s sprawling grasslands, snow-capped peaks and winding rivers. Netizens have dubbed it a “breathtaking drama,” expressing a longing to experience the allure of Altay firsthand. WeChat users have lauded the synergy between the fragrance’s narrative and the TV series, noting how the fragrance’s notes resonate with the show.


    In the midst of China’s current climate of economic uncertainty, fragrances like Roaming Wind offer a sense of escape and relaxation. Melt Season’s depiction of “green freshness” mirrors the untamed allure of the wilderness portrayed in To the Wonder, further enhancing the emotional resonance with consumers seeking solace in laid-back lifestyles.

    Established in 2021, Melt Season aims to showcase a harmonious blend of scents rooted in Oriental aesthetics. With a strategic investment from beauty giant Estée Lauder’s investment arm, New Incubation Ventures (NIV), under its belt, the brand has positioned itself as a frontrunner in China’s fragrance market.

    As Euromonitor predicts China’s burgeoning perfume market to reach $3.1 billion by 2025, up from $2 billion in 2022, Estée Lauder’s investment in Melt Season underscores the potential of Chinese brands to resonate with local consumers and make headway.

    The collaboration between Melt Season and To the Wonder exemplifies the power of storytelling in fragrance marketing. By tapping into touchpoints that emotionally resonate with domestic audiences, in this case a hit TV series, brands can carve out a niche in the competitive fragrance market, offering consumers an immersive sensory experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

    Additional reporting by Janice Li.

    • Melt Season’s collaboration with To the Wonder illustrates the power of storytelling in enhancing fragrance experiences.
    • The resonance between the fragrance Roaming Wind and the TV series reflects a growing trend of immersive brand collaborations in the Chinese market.
    • This partnership underscores the importance of cultural authenticity and emotional connection in capturing consumers’ imaginations and driving brand engagement.
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