Luxury Marketing On WeChat: Why High-Tech Means High-End For Chinese Consumers

    With 468 million monthly active users, China's top mobile messaging app is now a must for luxury brands that aim to keep their best customers engaged.
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    Faced with rapid changes in the way Chinese consumers research and shop for high-end goods, China’s luxury market is more challenging and dynamic than ever before. It’s also the most promising, with expert predictions that Chinese consumers will make 50 percent of all luxury purchases by 2020. This means that brands need to develop a deep understanding of the platforms their customers are using in order to reach them as their shopping habits evolve. Whether consumers are looking for the latest trends, buying luxury goods on their phones, or planning a shopping trip abroad, one key platform that premium brands cannot ignore is WeChat.

    That’s why Jing Daily is excited to present its new report entitled “Luxury on WeChat: How to Reach China’s Mobile-Savvy Consumers.” This first ever comprehensive WeChat marketing guide published exclusively for high-end brands offers crucial information on how to best utilize WeChat to serve and connect with China’s discerning luxury consumers. For this report, we consulted with some of the world’s top experts on luxury marketing on WeChat, including Curiosity China General Manager for Business and Development Alexis Bonhomme, Hot Pot Digital Managing Director Jonathan Smith, Velvet Group Founder and CEO Patrice Nordey, and TBWA\Hong Kong Head of Social Media Season Chan.

    A Chinese mobile messaging app with 468 million monthly active users and 650 million total users, WeChat has become an integral part of most Chinese smartphone users’ lives as they use it for networking and keeping in touch with friends. With an increasingly large number of capabilities including in-platform mini-apps, mobile payment, e-commerce, and newsfeed-like sharing, WeChat is quickly morphing into something of an operating system in its own right in order to keep users engaged.

    In this report, you’ll find the following features on luxury marketing on WeChat:

    • Expert commentary on not only why WeChat is vital for a social marketing strategy, but why it’s necessary for luxury brands in particular
    • The basics of setting up an account, including the registration process for foreign companies and the differences between service and subscription accounts
    • 5 basic features luxury accounts should have
    • Details on how to build a quality follower base and utilize CRM tools to determine your VIPs
    • Analysis of the e-commerce options available on WeChat—and which ones are best for luxury
    • An exclusive ranking of the top 30 most successful luxury and fashion brands onWeChat by newly introduced measures of user engagement
    • 11 case studies featuring the best campaigns based on Jing Daily’s close weekly monitoring of luxury brands on WeChat
    • A list of the most popular competing and complementing Chinese mobile apps to watch and use in conjunction with WeChat campaigns

    No brand’s social strategy can be without WeChat—and that counts for luxury as well. Forluxury brands, it serves as an online mobile shop, VIP customer management tool, GPS-enabled store locater, live customer chat center, platform for interactive mobile activities, customer CRM manager, and more—all in one. It has been used by luxury companies to give their customers live updates for runway shows, create interactive 3D brand experiences, send customized messages to different customer segments, and in one instance, even sell a $13 million New York property to a Chinese client.

    Click to visit the purchase page: Luxury on WeChat: How to Reach China’s Mobile-Savvy Consumers.”#

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