Luxury & Culture Collide During Chinese New Year In Hong Kong

    Savvy travelers can make the most of Hong Kong's Chinese New Year activities with a little advance planning, even if they'll only be in town for a few days.
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    City Offering Plenty Of Chinese New Year/Valentine's Day "Mashup" Deals#

    Earlier this week, we mentioned that Hong Kong hoteliers, restaurateurs and retailers expect to see an influx of mainland visitors during "Golden Week" (February 13-19), which overlaps chunjie (Chinese New Year) and Valentine's Day (both of which fall on February 14 this year).

    Today, Dubai's Emirates Business newspaper includes a feature on how travelers can make the most of a few days in Hong Kong during this year's Chinese New Year festivities. The article admirably condenses the city's unique way of welding together not only East and West, but also modern luxury and traditional culture. From Emirates Business:

    For those who want to experience true luxury during their stay [in Hong Kong], try one of the many new, hip hotels. One recent opening, The Upper House, where we stayed, is highly recommended.

    Located within Pacific Place in Admiralty, one of Hong Kong's premier integrated commercial, retail and hospitality complexes, The Upper House is a holiday within itself for those who want to feel pampered and taken care of. Rooms feature scenic harbour or island views, so go for a high floor if possible to really take advantage of the sights.

    Particularly noteworthy are the complimentary add-ons and technology offered. Firstly, the mini-bar, including snacks and confectionary, are all included in the room's price, so great if you have children. There are all sorts of other little gifts too, such as an extra bag if you run out of luggage space, playing cards, and fabulous bathroom potions and lotions. Gadget lovers will thoroughly enjoy their stay as well, with gimmicks comprising television screens installed in the mirror walls of the bathroom, and the ability to order room service at the touch of an iPhone button.

    Once you're rested and ready to head out for the day or night, there is plenty to see and do. Of course, being Chinese New Year, there will be a plethora of special events to choose from, and expect a parade, plenty of fireworks and more. In February, the weather tends to be dry but cold, so make sure you pack something warm.

    For daytime touristy excursions, the best way is to sign up with a tour operator (your hotel's concierge would be able to advise you on deals). If it's your first time, try one of the half-day orientation tours. One of the most popular tourist activities is a ride up Victoria Peak for panoramic views of central Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbour and the surrounding islands – there is plenty to see of course, considering the island is at the top of world rankings with 7,650 skyscrapers.
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