3 Top Luxury Apps for the Chinese HNWIs

    In an age of accelerated digital noise, China's HNWIs crave smoother processes, comfort, and silence. That’s where luxury apps come in.
    In an age of accelerated digital noise, China's HNWIs crave smoother processes, comfort, and silence. That’s where luxury apps come in. Photo: Shutterstock
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    The convenience of cutting-edge technology can no longer be ignored. In modern society, very few now live without high-tech gadgets and tools, while the rest have given in to unprecedented digitalization.

    In an age of accelerated digital noise, high-end consumers crave smoother processes, comfort, and silence. That’s where luxury apps come in. They provide information on quality services, premium products, the latest high-tech gadgets, and the best experiences while offering simplified processes and the comfort and quiet that HNWIs demand.

    According to Statista, China is the world’s biggest social network market with 673.5 million users, although the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) estimates that the country reaches over 800 million internet users. Social media and the internet are vital parts of the Chinese consumer’s life, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that apps have become a basic extension of their existence.

    The most bankable luxury apps are the ones that grant access to a world of privilege where impeccable services, unique events, and exclusive indulgences are securely acquired. As it gets harder to connect with affluent Chinese consumers, luxury brands may benefit from integrating the following apps into their digital marketing strategies:

    1. Luxy#

    Touted as “Tinder minus the poor people,” Luxy has become a top dating app for the one percent. Before the age of digitalization, if you wanted to meet a high-earning partner, you’d go look for them at certain establishments (The Union Club in New York or Soho House in London) that were considered exclusive and high-end. But today, thanks to Luxy, you can find a potential wealthy partner from the comfort of your own couch — if you meet some strict requirements, that is.

    In order to be accepted, applicants must be recommended by a member and then pass a verification and validation phase. During the initial stage, candidates certify their identity and eligibility by submitting a picture of their ID along with their annual tax return. Only the most successful and beautiful people are accepted. On a side note, it’s worth mentioning that 41 percent of members have an annual income of over 1 million.

    Raffael Krause, Director of Luxy, tells Jing Daily, “Luxy is serving the dating needs of successful and wealthy singles, those who want to meet an equally successful person.” It sounds promising, especially in a market like China that boasts 1.5 million millionaires. “Over the past 30 years, China’s stunning economic growth created the second-largest upper class after the U.S.,” Krause says. Indeed, the remarkable transformation of Chinese society has presented Luxy with a new opportunity.

    The services offered by the elite dating app respond perfectly to the needs of the wealthy Chinese consumer, which is why moving into the Chinese market “was a natural move,” according to Krause. “Heritage, job, and economic success are values that hold greater importance in China than the West when it comes to finding a suitable partner,” he adds. Since Luxy enjoys a select pool of highly successful associates, it’s a good match for today’s Chinese luxury market. And with the app giving access to members’ pre-vetted connections, Krause believes that “members can be sure to select from the finest singles in China.”

    2. Nice (China’s very own Instagram)#

    China’s luxury world already got a taste of a quality photo-sharing app and saw its incredible marketing potential, but in 2014, Instagram was banned from China, leaving a void in the market for local players to fill. Yet during its brief time in the country, Chinese citizens were as mesmerized by the platform as people in the West have been.

    That brings us to Nice: the most capable contender for the title of Best Photo Sharing App in China. Thanks to its features — from cute stickers and special effects to tags and filters — Nice offers the best overall photo-sharing platform to Chinese users. According to HI-COM Asia, Nice has 30 million registered users and a young, mostly female demographic. 83.42 percent of Nice users are female while men account only for 16.57 percent. Nice founders Alex Zhou and Ken Cao have optimized social engagement by creating the most millennial-friendly brand around, and because of its success and visual appeal, luxury houses would be wise to include Nice within their marketing strategies.

    3. Live Auction Art#

    According to the App Store preview, Live Auction Art is “the fastest tool on the market for collectors and dealers to enter live salesroom auctions and find/compare lots and sales results.” The app features auctions from Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Phillips, K Auction, Bonhams, and Seoul Auction. It’s a must-have app for art collectors because of its unbeatable features such statistical snapshots of former auction results and the comparison toolbar where users can see appraisals of artworks from competing auctions houses. The app not only informs users about upcoming auctions, but it can also offer accurate quotes on similar works at rival auction houses.

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