Lululemon celebrates China's traditional Valentine’s Day with a modern twist

    The Canadian sportswear giant has collaborated with a Chinese psychologist to publish a brochure to help consumers improve their relationships.
    Lululemon has launched a Qixi-exclusive capsule collection and a dedicated brochure. Photo: Lululemon
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    Lululemon is taking a unique approach to celebrating China's traditional Valentine’s Day, known as the Qixi Festival, this year. The lifestyle brand has teamed up with Dr. Li Songwei, an expert in psychology, to launch a pocket-sized brochure titled "100 Practices of Love," which describes 100 different ways to cultivate love. The initiative aims to help people become a better version of themselves and improve their close relationships.

    Additionally, Lululemon has launched a Qixi-exclusive capsule collection that includes men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. From August 10 to 22, customers who purchase products from the special collection will receive a complimentary brochure. Online users can also explore the content via a dedicated WeChat Mini Program.

    WeChat users can read "100 Practices of Love" via a dedicated Mini Program. Photo: WeChat screenshot
    WeChat users can read "100 Practices of Love" via a dedicated Mini Program. Photo: WeChat screenshot

    Netizens’ Reaction#

    The campaign hashtag “100 Practices of Love” has received 476,300 views on Xiaohongshu, with netizens sharing their personal stories about love. Along with the digital assets, Lululemon has mounted pop-up spaces at its flagship stores in major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen to drive offline engagement.


    The Qixi Festival has become a marketing occasion that brands cannot afford to miss — making it increasingly challenging to stand out. As launching exclusive collections is now a common practice, storytelling with cultural relevance has become a key way for brands to differentiate themselves from others.

    Through its Qixi campaign, Lululemon demonstrates its strength in consolidating consumer engagement and brand value. By partnering with a psychology expert, it further taps into the growing demand for holistic wellbeing and personal development among Chinese consumers.

    In October 2022, Lululemon launched a month-long “Wellbeing for All” campaign in China for World Mental Health Day, encouraging people to take positive steps towards improving their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. This long-term advocacy of holistic wellbeing is sure to contribute to the activewear brand's community building efforts in the country.

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