The Face of Louis Vuitton's Smartwatch Campaign Collects Watches

    Today on social media, consumers in China are buzzing about the personal watch collection of the face of Louis Vuitton's smartwatch and the rumors swirling around real estate magnate Wang Jianlin.
    Lu Han in Louis Vuitton campaign. Photo: Louis Vuitton/Weibo
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    The Face of Louis Vuitton's Smartwatch Is a Watch Collector#

    When Louis Vuitton unveiled its smartwatch, the Tambour Horizon, it's promotional video campaign featured Luhan, the "Chinese Justin Bieber" reciting an ode to the watch. So, it seems apropos that Luhan would be something of a watch snob himself. It turns out, after one fashionista took a deep dive into the actor's Weibo account, that Luhan does appear to own many watches—16 by this fashionista's account. The aggregate value of the watches, per the fashion commenter's report, could be as much as 10 million yuan (1.5 million). His collection ranges from an Apple watch at 2,800 yuan (422) to a pricey Richard Mille, valued at 3.9 million yuan (588,000).

    Given that he is the aforementioned face of the Louis Vuitton smartwatch, and a friend to French luxury jewelry and watch maker Cartier, people online wondered how many of Lu’s collection are endorsement gifts and if Lu’s personal hobby would translate into the lucrative role of ambassador for more luxury watch brands. Some WeChat users doubted the endorsing power of this “little fresh meat” celebrity. But despite the criticism, with an estimated annual income of 181.6 million RMB (27 million), according to Chinese media, this “little fresh meat” celebrity is still the No.5 highest valued celebrity in China in 2017.

    WeChat comment: "If Lu becomes brand ambassador, it's hard to say if he would build exclusive relationships with any one of them."

    People online say Wang Jianlin is playing with fire#

    Wang Jianlin, the CEO of Dalian Wanda Group, China's largest retail estate development company, is embroiled in rumors that he and his family were detained, according to local Chinese media, while traveling on a private jet to the UK on the afternoon of August 27. Wanda immediately published an open letter on August 28 refuting the rumor and said they are in the process of preparing a lawsuit against its source. Despite this statement, Chinese netizens dubbed Wang's frequent overseas investments as “playing with fire,” saying that the authorities now favor entrepreneurs who support domestic growth rather than those, like Wang, who are busy with cross-border acquisitions of conspicuous assets.

    Weibo comment: "The more you try to refute rumors, the harder it is to come clean of it."

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