Louis Vuitton Luggage And Gucci Sunglasses Top Chinese Globetrotters' Most Desired Travel Items

    A new survey by TripAdvisor asks the world's highest-spending group of tourists which brands they want to take with them while jet-setting across the world.
    Samsonite may be the most popular choice for Chinese travelers' when it comes to suitcases, but what they really desire are Louis Vuitton's. (Louis Vuitton)
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    Louis Vuitton tops the list when it comes to the luggage brand that Chinese tourists covet the most. (Louis Vuitton)

    Since Chinese tourists are the world's highest-spending group of outbound travelers, they're bound to have a major effect on industries that make a great deal of profit selling travel goods such as luggage and sunglasses. In order to see which brands top the travel goods list for China's jet-set, travel site TripAdvisor recently included Chinese travelers in its global 95,056- person survey of travelers’ preferred brands. The site questioned 1,200 respondents from China on everything from what kind of credit cards they use to the dream brand of sunglasses they wish they could buy.

    “We’re very excited to have been able to hold our ‘2014 Travelers’ Choice’ survey in China,” says TripAdvisor’s Chinese spokesperson, Zheng Jiali. “Although this is a preliminary selection, these rankings are of great value to TripAdvisor. They represent travelers’ spending habits and thoughts toward products. We believe in the future, these surveys will become more comprehensive, and act as a useful guide for Chinese travelers.”

    According to the results, foreign luxury brands reign supreme in the eyes of Chinese tourists, who are most likely to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses and Samsonite luggage (and wish they could actually be wearing Gucci eyewear while carrying a Louis Vuitton suitcase). See more items translated from the list below:

    Favorite facial sunscreen:


    Favorite camera:


    Favorite sunglasses (both men and women):


    Favorite sunglasses (female):


    Favorite sunglasses (male):


    Most desired sunglasses:


    Most desired sunglasses (female):


    Most desired sunglasses (male):


    Favorite suitcase:


    Most desired suitcase:

    Louis Vuitton

    Favorite jacket (female):

    North Face

    Favorite jacket (male):


    Favorite sports shoes:


    Favorite rental car:


    Most desired rental car:

    Land Rover

    Favorite bank issuing credit cards used for making purchases abroad:

    Bank of China

    Favorite payment method for making purchases abroad:

    China UnionPay
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